Day 136: Fedora Self Potrait

Day 136: Fedora Self Portrait

So today I decided to do another self portrait as I haven’t done one in a while, this time wearing my Fedora (yes I have a Fedora).


The outcome of this was a bit of a weird one and I’m not to sure what I think about it. I mean as a picture I like it but as my wife pointed out the face is a bit off in that if you cover the top half the bottom half looks right and vice versa but together they look a bit off.

I think we came to the conclusion that this might be because I may have made my face a bit too long which is why it seems a bit off but I think its getting easier for me to draw faces which is always a bonus.

My favourite part of the drawing though is the Fedora itself which I think turned out really nice.

Anyway I don’t feel brilliant at the moment so we’ll leave it here for today.

Till tomorrow!


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