Day 1056: Gadgets Go Coaster, Disneyland

Day 1056: Gadgets Go Coaster, Disneyland 


Reference image: rcdb linkie!

Another rollercoaster request this time the kiddie coaster in Disneyland (ok, so technically they are mostly kiddie rollercoasters in Disneyland but this is the actual Junior model coaster one). Anyway not the most successful sketch to be honest. Is very busy and pretty difficult to actually make much out in it unfortunately. Not entirely sure why it came out so badly, I think the image itself was a bit washed out and very busy and tryignt get definition into was a bit difficult. Still, there we go!

Till next time!


Day 1055: More Modern Architecture

Day 1055: More Modern Architecture


Reference image: pinterest link!

Another modern building along the same lines as the last one that I did a few weeks prior to this one with a lot of black framing details alongside a more traditionally shaped building. Being a predominantly black and white artist I can only assume that the stark contrast of the black and white is a big draw to me in images and make up of a photo/ building/ scene or whatever I’ve decided to draw!

Till next time!

Day 1054: Taunton State Hospital, Taunton, Mass

Day 1054: Taunton State Hospital, Taunton, Mass


Reference image: pinterest link!

Another lovely little sketch that came out really well of the Taunton State Hospital. Pretty sure the place is abandoned now which is a shame but I always find that abandoned buildings have ore interest and character. Also, as I’m sure anyone that looks at the reference image will notice I ran out of time to actually do the complete sketch that I wanted to do as the building on the right hand side of the walkway is missing form my sketch. Still I really liked the outcome anyway!

Till next time!

Day 1053: Lovely Little Cottage

Day 1053: Lovely Little Cottage


Reference image: pinterest link!

Now this was a lovely little building to sketch and Im really happy with how it came out. loved how much foliage was int he photo as well with it covering a large part of the house and the foliage behing giving a lovely dark background to the top of the house and providing some really nice contrast between nature and the building. Overall a sketch I’m really happy with!

Till next time!

Day 1052: Hobbit Hole Style Door

Day 1052: Hobbit Hole Style Door


Reference image: pinterest link!

A simple door for day 1052 with this hobbit style look to it. Really not that much to say about other than it looks like a hobbit hole style door (no idea if it actually is) so I guess that’s a good sketch, I don’t know, I think I’m kind of running out of things to say with these. Turns out I’ll just ramble instead. Oh well there we go! Maybe just look at the sketch and ignore the text lol.

Till next time!

Day 1051: Top Thrill Dragster, Cedar Point

Day 1051: Top Thrill Dragster, Cedar Point


Reference image: pinterest link!

Another coaster one, this time of the huge Intamin launched coaster Top Thrill Dragster found at Cedar Point in Ohio. Was told that I should try sketching it so thought I would give this photo a go, seeing as I loved how the track looked in it being all twisted into the weird shape you can (hopefully) see in the sketch. Pretty happy with how it came out and loved how simple it was with nothing around it in the background!

Till next time!

Day 1050: Old Wooden House

Day 1050: Old Wooden House


Reference image: pinterest link!

Another wooden house but this time a lot more rustic than the fairy-tale style one I drew the day before. Loved the use of logs on this and the textures that it gave the building were a pleasure to try and sketch as accurately as I could do. Also liked the dark bits ont he inside of the building composition wise to help define the bits around it so that was nice.

Till next time!

Day 1048: BHLR train

Day 1048: BHLR train


Reference image: Personal photo

Another one of the trains that make up the fleet at Beer Heights Light Railway, in this case the locomotive Otter. Another lovely little engine with a teal colour scheme and another fun little sketch. Must be pretty close to having sketched them all at this point.

Till next time!