Day 961: Soviet Bus Stop 4

Day 961: Soviet Bus Stop 4


Reference image: pinterest link!

Back to the bus stops for one last time for day 961 with another odd looking one. Kind of reminds me of the stations that you would see at a much bigger bus station rather than a single stop with the arching roofs and the odd looking lattice work. Still, I do quite like the look of it and typing up these blog posts makes me want to go and look for more of them.

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Day 960: Brutalist Bunker

Day 960: Brutalist Bunker


Reference image: pinterest link!

A bit of a breather from the bus stops (though only for one day) with a look at this bunker. Looks a bit more like a normal bunker than the bus stops look like bus stops but its still a interesting shape and subject if only for its simplicity. No idea where it’s located or whether its actually in use but I still like the look of it!

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Day 959: Soviet Bus Stop 3

Day 959: Soviet Bus Stop 3


Reference image: pinterest link!

Not finished yet with these unusual bus stops I’m afraid with another one for day 959. Bit more normal looking than the last two, looking slightly more functional than aesthetic though still different as a bus stop. Not much else to say about this one though to be honest other than that, again a simple but satisfying sketch that I think is helping with my perspective and line direction perception (which I’m sure is something that I just made up completely but we’ll go with it).

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Day 958: Soviet Bus Stop 2

Day 958: Soviet Bus Stop 2


Reference image: pinterest link!

Another of the weird looking bus stops built during the USSR era, this one as unique and off looking as the last. Sort of a winged approach to this but it still stands out as a bus stop for sure (though this might just be because I’m British and all our bus stops look exactly the same, who knows). Sketch wise it was pretty simple but I still like how it came out!

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Day 957: Soviet Bus Stop

Day 957: Soviet Bus Stop


Reference image: pinterest link!

So, continuing with the Brutalism that I said would be a bit prevalent for a while we take a look at this bus stop that is all sorts of weird. Very different sorts of concepts going on here, one being that its obviously designed in very minimalist material and rather bland looking but then, you have a number of different elements on it that definitely serve no other function than being aesthetic. Weird but awesome!

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Day 956: Andropov’s Ears, Georgia

Day 956: Andropov’s Ears, Georgia 


Reference image: pinterest link!

So, here begins another slew of related sketch subjects, this time back to Architecture but, rather than the usual go to old, gothic or church style architecture that I seem to love, today we go Brutal! Starting with this look at some rather odd, but no less interesting and unique looking structures in the form of Andropov’s Ears. Absolutely no idea what they are used for or where but I know that the look pretty cool and the shadows they cast were worth the sketch alone. Hope you all enjoy it (and apologies if you don’t like this sort of architecture, your in for a few rough blog posts!)

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Day 955: Old Ruined Conservatory

Day 955: Old Ruined Conservatory


Reference image: pinterest link!

So I thought I’d try something a bit different than usual with the subject matter and sketched this old ruined conservatory type building. Turned out to be a bit more difficult than I thought it would be but I persevered with it and think I got soemthign that looks like the subject matter. At least loosely anyway. The angles were especially difficult in this one as well and I think I managed to make it a bit too busy but, as I said, It looks roughly like the subject so it’s all good!

Till next time!

Day 954: Abandoned Train Station

Day 954: Abandoned Train Station


Reference image: pinterst link!

So, this was a pretty cool looking building in Poland that had several different descriptions depending on what Pinterest image I was looking at. One said it was a industrial station and another said it was a passenger station (in which case it would be a pretty industrial looking passenger station). Either way it looked pretty awesome so I had to sketch it.


Day 953: Paper Factory Acid Tower, Germany

Day 953: Paper Factory Acid Tower, Germany


Reference image: pinterest link!

A pretty interesting and cool looking structure assumedly attached to a paper factory somewhere in Germany. No idea what the actual structure is used for or why its there but I liked it and it intrigued to me which I think is the perfect reason to sketch something! Maybe next time I sketch soemthign like it I can also not give it a Tower of Pisa vibe lol!

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