Day 703: Radio Shack

Day 703: Radio Shack 761 Manhattan Ave, NY 11222


Reference view: mapstreet view

Time taken: 45 minutes

Another store front form New York with this interesting music shop with a fortune tellers above (fairly interesting combo if you ask me). Loved the look of the building with it looking significantly different to the buildings surrounding it being a lot lower and not covered in clapboard or panelling, but instead, being low down, brick and a roof of green tiles. All together, a different look entirely. Choose to have a bit of artistic liscence with it as well as I didn’t include the bus that is in the right hand side of the view, and instead, moving along the street to add the building next door, which I think makes for a much better composition and a fun little sketch!

Till next time!

Willow Pharmacy

Willow Pharmacy, 294 9th St, Hoebeken, New Jersey


Reference view:mapstreet view

Time taken: 50 minutes

So another shop front from good old New York, this time in the form of a Pharmacy. Another fun little sketch with some interesting bits and pieces to it such as the iron railings on the steps and my attempt at detailing the shop front. I do think, looking at it I may have gone a bit heavy on the brick detailing, or, not heavy enough on the shop front framing but the proportions are getting better (not perfect by any mean but getting there) and I’m getting better at leaving white space where it should be left. All in all a fun little sketch to add to the shop front ones!

Till next time!

Day 153 Avenue B, New York

Day 153 Avenue B, New York


Reference view: mapstreet view

Time taken: 50 minutes

Another sketch from New York to finally get us all caught up again, this time of the front of a house if which I loved the door and the tree out front. Again this one took a little bit longer and I tried to get a cleaner more illustrative look to it than usual which as with yesterday I’m really happy with. I’ve also started adding the white gel pen back into the supplies that I use as this is helping with correcting and stray lines or adding the white bits back in when I accidently get carried away with rendering (in this sketch for example, the white line down the side of the tree. Definitely think that I’ll try and continue like this rather than the looser ones that I was a while back but, given that its me, I could change my mind tomorrow!

Till next time!

(Were also now all caught up again! Yay!)


Day 700: 118 Avenue A, New York

Day 700: 118 Avenue A, New York


Reference view: mapstreet view

Time taken: 45 minutes

So another sketch from New York, this time of this lovely little corner eatery. Decided to try and slightly cleaner illustrated style with this one which, admittedly took a bit longer but gave a much better result. Really like the outcome of the sketch as well especially the corner detailing on the building and the actual shop front. I think the only thing that I would have changed is to have given some more attention tot he shadow of the tree on the floor as I didn’t carry it onto the shop front where I think it fell. Still a really enjoyable sketch though!

Till next time!

Day 699: Peter Doelger’s Extra Beer

Day 699: Peter Doelger’s Extra Beer (100 Berry St, Brooklyn, New York)


Reference view: map street view

Time taken: 45 minutes

So, threw out the whole 30 minute thing completely over the last couple of days as I’ve got a bit carried away with the sketches, starting with this one of this lovely pub in New York which I thought had a definite English look to it with its black panelled wood around the bottom of it, juxtaposed against the ubiquitous New York mid rise apartment buildings above it, finished off with a tree and a random 4×4. All of which were good fun to sketch and the black areas allowed me to use my brush pen again which was fun and cut down on the rendering time. Simplified the tree a bit but drawing in all them branches would probably have added a hour or two to the time ti took for the sketch .

Till next time (or tomorrow when we will hopefully catch up again!)

Day 698: Chinatown London

Day 698: Chinatown London


Reference image: Personal image

Time taken: 30 minutes

So, this was another one of the photo’s that I took in London of the arch into Chinatown (or the main one off of Leicester Square on the side of the Bubblewrap shop that had ridiculously long queues every time we walked past it lol). Quite an interesting and detailed subject that would probably have been perfect for the new sketchbook sketch instead of the Cathedral door but nevermind. Was pretty fun and relaxing to sketch as well despite how complex it was as I was pretty loose with it and I think that helped overall with the results of the sketch. The angles and getting them correct though was a bit of a challenge but I think I don’t think I did to bad with it!.

Till next time!


Day 697: Lichfield Cathedral Door

Day 697: Lichfield Cathedral Door


Reference image: reference image

Time taken: 40 minutes

So, another new sketchbook for day 697 and I wanted to go back to the whole door thing for new sketchbooks so did some searching on google for some interesting looking doors, coming up with this door of the cathedral in Lichfield which had some lovely wooden doors with filigree on it (I think that’s the correct term) and some nice contrast with the shadows and the lights. Pretty loose interpretation of it overall (with some slightly whacky proportions) but a fun little sketch to start, what I think, is the 12 sketch book!

Till next time!

Day 696: 192-200 Lincoln Ave, Staten Island NY

Day 696: 192-200 Lincoln Ave, Staten Island NY


Reference view: reference view

Time taken: 45 minutes

So, spent a bit more time on this one as I was enjoying it so much. Pretty simple image really with a some quiet houses outside of New York with a  bit of variety and different characters to them. Got pretty excited about how the vehicles turned out as well though, this sketch does show that you should stop when you think there’s enough there and not push it, as I really don’t like how the sky came out. Shame really as the rest of the sketch I really like. Still, a sketchbook is for experimenting in so experiment I will!

Till next time!

Day 695 Fulton St, New York

Day 695 Fulton St, New York


Reference image: street map view

Time taken: 35 minutes

So, another image from the big apple and its varied and random row housing with these interesting buildings and the balconies and other details on them. Quite a fun little sketch actually with this one where I seem to have pushed the values a little bit more than I usually do. My favourite part about the sketch though has to be the little light in the bottom left hand side of the image. Apparently whatever I managed to do on the actual glass bit of it came out very smooth gradient wise. Anyway, it was a nice sketch and I’m happy with how it came out and hope you lot are too!

Till next time!