Day 825: Parisean Street

Day 825: Parisean Street


Reference image: pintret linkie 

Time taken: 30 minutes

So, found this lovely view of a street in Paris that I thought I would sketch for yesterdays sketch. Super loose but still conveys the scene I think. Unfortunately I’ve kind of drawn a blank as to what else to say so I hope you guys like it and will see you tomorrow!

Till next time


Day 824: Shop Front

Day 824: Shop Front


Reference link: pintrest linkie!

Time taken: 40 minutes

So, another shop front for today because you know, I tend to go through phrases (that and pintrest is all here’s some similar stuff so I’m like k, looks good). Anyway here’s another small shop front this time a bit more zoomed out and of a café (or at least the tables would have me assume its a café or coffee shop). Tried to keep it similar but got a bit more sketchy and scribbly with it which I think I prefer even more (though it does seem to darken the overall tone a bit). Especially loving the way the chairs came out personally. Let me know what you guys think!

Till next time!

Day 823: Bakery Window

Day 822: Bakery Window


Reference image: pintrest linkie!

Time taken: 50 minutes

So, this one took a bit longer than usual but I really enjoyed it (plus kept getting distracted). Was meant to be a sketch of a cottage but this was in the suggested images of it and I just had to sketch it as it looked gorgeous with all its black frames and light bread. Did it in the style that I seem to be settling in with at the moment so the darks aren’t quite as dark as the ones in the reference but i still like it and think its turned out pretty nicely.

Till next time!

Day 822: Village Scene

Day 822: Village Scene


Reference image: pintrest linkie!

Time taken: 40 minutes

So, more quaint looking houses today but this time an attempt at a more complete village scene instead of the single houses over the last few days. Loved this curved scene and thought that it was busy enough to look interesting but not be overwhelming at the same time and think i did a pretty good job of representing it, if in a very loose and slightly more sketchy way than the previous days. Let me know what you guys think!

Till next time!

Day 821: Old Cabin

Day 821: Old Cabin


Reference image: Pintrest linkie!

Time taken: 40 minutes

So, another cottage done in the same style as yesterday where I tried to use as little outlining as possible to give it a old illustrative look (and one that works a lot better for pen and ink in my opinion). Really loved this little cabin (no idea where it is though I assume its somewhere in the US) with its beams and wooden walls and the lovely little porch details that turned out to be my favourite bit (its the tiny white chair which is the bit I love). Again a really fun and small sketch that didn’t take me all that long to do and one, that I hope you will all enjoy!

Till next time!

Day 820: Old Thatched Cottage

Day 820: Old Thatched Cottage


Reference image/blog: Short Finals wordpress blog!

Time taken: 35 minutes

So, inspired by watching this guy stream last night twtich link and he was drawing in a non line drawing way (basically he was drawing without outlining) so I decided that I would give todays sketch that treatment. Wanted to try a old cottage again as well and found this lovely image from a blog here on wordpress that I really loved and went for it.

Definitely happy that I did as I love this one. Sure, it could be a bit more defined but I love how light it looks and how more like a traditional pen and ink sketch it is than the usual stuff I do so will have to make sure I do more like it!

Till next time!

Day 819: Raveljin Set, Efteling

Day 819: Raveljin Set, Efteling


Reference image: image link

Time taken: 35 minutes

Right, another discord chat suggested image for todays sketch in the form of the set for the Raveljin show in Efteling. Decided to try and do a focussed sketch but still place it in its background setting which I think came out ok (though I may have made the foreground a bit too bold looking at it now). Really enjoye sketching this though, especially the front part of it and the mechanical dragon sat behind the set piece.

Till next time!

Day 818: Pele’s Castle, Romania

Day 818: Pele’s Castle, Romania


Reference image: wiki link!

Time taken: 35 minutes

For yesterdays sketch I decided to ask in a discord room that was chatting in for a building from someone which gave me this castle (because apparently, the people in the room really don’t like giving me a easy time!). So anyway here we have this lovely looking castle (though probably completely useless as a actual castle given that its mainly for show), with spires everywhere and what seems to be a interesting combination of Scandinavian/asisan architecture going on. Regardless it was a lovely sketch to do and one that I tried to be a lot looser and faster with…… which failed but nevermind!

Till next time!

Day 817: Another Steamer

Day 817: Another Steamer


Reference image: Lost this again sorry. Tried to find it but couldn’t 

Time taken: 35 minutes

Right, another day of daddy daycare so another train sketch. This one looks pretty unique as it seems to have a crane or something on the top of it. Regardless of what it is though, the rest of it is just the normal old steam train which, given that I have a fondness for these old American locomotives makes this a good thing. The fact that they s=seem to be getting better is also a bonus!

Till next time!