Day 845: For Honour Centurion

Day 845: For Honour Centurion


Reference image: pinterest link

Time taken: 40 minutes

Bit more involved with the sketch from yesterday as it was the first one in a new sketchbook and I wanted to draw soemthign a bit different and choose this pose of the a Centurion from the game For Honour. Think I managed to get the pose down well and the proportion aren’t too bad in it (though the sword should be a bit bigger). I’m particularly happy with how the left arm came out (his left).

Till next time!


Day 741: Knee Deep Creek Mining Company BHLR

Day 741: Knee Deep Creek Mining Company, Beer Heights Light Railway 


Reference photo: Personal photo

Time taken: 30 minutes

So, this is the second train from the photos that I took yesterday, this time of a replica of what I assume is a old Wild West locomotive (or at least it looks like it) at a very strange angle to draw from. Still I really don’t think it suffered for it and once again it was a fun sketch and one that has the approval of my train obsessed son!

Till next time!

Day 740: Linda, Beer Heights Light Railway

Day 740: Linda, Beer Heights Light Railway


Reference photo: Personal photo

Time taken: 30 minutes

So, yesterday we had a bit of a train day for my son who’s a bit obsessed with them (as I’d imagine a lot of toddlers probably are) where we took him on the local tram and then to Pecorama where he loves the miniature railway, which, owing to the bank holiday had more tians running so I was able to get a few good photos of some of them starting with this  one of one of the resident loco’s Linda. No idea what actual train it’s modelled after but I still really enjoyed the sketch and it has the approval of my son which is the main thing!

Till next time!


Day 739: Street Stalls, Mexico City

Day 739: Street Stalls, Mexico City


Reference view: map street view

Time taken: 30 minutes

So for day 739 I found another lovely street stall scene in Mexico City where I decided it would be nice to try and get some more figure practise in as I wasn’t all that happy with the last street stall sketch that I did. and thankfully, this one turned out a lot nicer and more accurate and life like (or at least I think it did). Overall another sketch that I like a lot!

Till next time!

Day 728: Mexican Bike Taxi

Day 728: Mexican Bike Taxi


Reference view: map street view

Time taken: 20 minutes

So, a bit of a shorter one for today but I had to sketch one of these bike taxi things I keep seeing all over the city which appears to combine the idea of a Rickshaw with a motorbike. As said above it was a lot quicker than my normal sketches but I don’t think the quality suffered for it and I’m happy with how it came out though the background elements do look a bit disjointed from the bike and rider, still a fun a slightly different sketch. Also I’ve just realised that I’m only 2 days away from two years of this daily sketching so that’s exciting. Now I just need to find something interesting to sketch for then!

Till next time!


Day 722: Street Food

Day 722: Street Food (Tuxpan 11A, Roma Sur, 06760 Cuidad de Mexico, Mexico City)


Reference view: map street view

Time taken: 30 minutes

So, something a bit different for yesterdays sketch in the form of this street market in Mexico City. Wanted to try and improve on my figures a bit so choose this scene as it had a few standing around in it. and some interesting stalls to draw for the background. not too sure how I like how it came out as I like the figures in it but the actual sketch looks a bit disjointed and not as refined as the ones that I usually do. Still I like the people and as they were my main point of the sketch I’m considering it a win!

Till next time!

Day 611: Brixton Market, London

Day 611: Brixton Market, London


Reference view: google streetview

Time taken: 30 minutes

So, for today I decided to head into The market that I was meant to be sketching yesterday and get a sketch from The inside showing the actual market stalls and what not’s. Still not sure I really managed to capture it completely but it definitely looks more like a market than yesterdays sketch did so I consider it a success in that respect. I was quite a busy sketch as well with quite a lot of details to try and figure out how I was going to get it in in the time allotted.

Anyway I quite like the outcome of it and it gave me some practise with people so that’s all good things.

Till next time!

Day 496: Santa’s Little Helper

Day 496: Santa’s Little Helper


Reference Image: personal photo

So, for day 496 we have another attempt at drawing my son, this time wearing his Christmas Elf/ Santa’s Little Helper outfit and leaning against the chair.

Unfortunately, once again an attempt at drawing my son didn’t turn out well. As my wife put it, I seem to have aged him a lot in his face though I’ve got no idea what I did to get it that way or how I managed to make it look so different from the actual photo but there we go, at least his eye’s actually look right.

I think, looking at it while typing this I may have made his head a bit bulbous which probably didn’t help with the accuracy as he doesn’t have a bulbous head in real life (or at least not that I’ve noticed lol), anyway I’m going to just move onto the next one for now and maybe try again with a sketch of my son in the future.

Till then!

Day 495: Green Arrow

Day 495: Green Arrow


Reference Image: Source image was pretty much this one though quite a bit darker.

So, again were really far behind but screw it, lets try and get at least a little bit caught back up before I end up way to far behind starting with this Boxing Day sketch of Green Arrow. Now I have to put my hands up and say that I have no idea who Green arrow actually is but never mind, I really liked the image and wanted to draw an archer so there we go.

Turned out quite nicely, though I think the face could have been a bit better as the eyes looks a little bit off. Still the foreshortening came out well which was probably the biggest part of the sketch so that’s all good and the hand around the bow turned out well.

Anyway given that I have god knows how many days to upload lets get ion with it and move onto the next one shall we?

Till then!