Day 845: For Honour Centurion

Day 845: For Honour Centurion


Reference image: pinterest link

Time taken: 40 minutes

Bit more involved with the sketch from yesterday as it was the first one in a new sketchbook and I wanted to draw soemthign a bit different and choose this pose of the a Centurion from the game For Honour. Think I managed to get the pose down well and the proportion aren’t too bad in it (though the sword should be a bit bigger). I’m particularly happy with how the left arm came out (his left).

Till next time!


Day 477: Jawa’s

Day 477: Jawa’s


Reference: source gallery

So, this is another of my favourite characters from the movies in the form of the tiny scavengers in the Jawa’s. Did this sketch quickly this morning before heading off to work of a couple of the little guys taking a shot at some unlucky droid.

Apart from the obviously misplaced line, I like the sketches and the quickness of them. I especially like the gun and how the hooded faces stand out as well as they do.

No idea what we’ll be seeing tomorrow. There’s probably a big chance that it’ll be a Star Wars sketch as I’m enjoying these but who knows?

Till then!

Day 332: Claptrap

Day 332:Claptrap

So, as any Borderlands fan knows. A trip to the game wouldn’t be complete without the annoyingly likeable Claptrap. This little guy is the first NPC you meet as you get off the bus and he keeps appearing throughout the games where he proceeds to treat you like an idiot and either intentionally or unintentionally send you on stupid and dangerous tasks. I’m pretty sure he also creates an army of himself at some point, crazy little guy.


Sketch for this came out pretty nicely as well and is a pretty accurate representation of the happy little psycho Could probably have pushed the values a bit more but I’m happy with the little chap. Especially the wheel which is probably the first time I’ve managed to get a wheel looking right from that angle.

Alright, that concludes the Borderlands character sketches for the moment. I think I’d quite like to sketch some of the enemies soon but we’ll see. As for today’s sketch I’ll get it uploaded for you all tomorrow.

TIll then!

Day 330: Roland

Day 330: Roland

So once again apologises for not getting these uploaded faster but I haven’t had time so need to get you all caught up again starting with another Borderlands character in the form of Roland.


Now this ex-military merc is the character that I used to play the most when playing the game just because of his  versatility and skill trees when opposed to Mordecai. He was proficient with most guns but specialised in shotguns and assault rifles which was good as I always loved the fully auto machine guns in the game (even if they did seem to be difficult to come across).

Pretty happy with the sketch as well and how it came out. I was sure that it would be a mess at one point as I had lines going everywhere and very little definition as to which of them lines were shadows and which were there to differentiate between the different pieces of armour, clothing etc.

The figure came out quite well in this sketch I think as well, although that’s in terms of how the figure looks in game, which probably isn’t the same as real life and like Mordecai I tried to give him a more naturally shaded rather than cell shaded look.

Anyway ,we have another three sketches to get uploaded yet so let’s move along from Roland to another Borderlands character.

Till then!

Day 329: Mordecai

Day 329: Mordecai

So, decided to go a bit more virtual for this entry in the form of my favourite character from one of my favourite video games series, Borderlands.

I loved Borderlands, from the original (for a video game at least) style with its cell shading and comic book look to the Mad Max esque setting the game just felt right anddefinitelyy didn’t take itself seriously at all which was a nice break from the COD’s that I had been playing at the time.

My fouvorite character in the games had to be Mordecai, the sniper and pistolk wielding bird tamer. Interestingly though, he wasn’t my most played character as I felt that sniper rifles were a bit clunky up close and I kept running out of revolver ammo, but still, he was my favourite.


Pretty happy with this sketch. I tried to move away slightly fromt he cell shaded look of the original game and give it a more blended appearance with my rendering. Not sure if I achieved it but that was the idea.

The actual figure I’m really happy with as I didn’t expect it to look as much like him as it does fromt he initial ball point sketch underneath (espicially the face area. I thought tht was goinhg to be a complete mess).

Anyway as I said Ido really like this sketch and wan’t to do more sketches fromt he game int he future (starting with tomorrow as it turns out), so I’ll see you later as I’ve got to head off to work now.

Till then.