Day 932: Travelling

Day 932: Travelling


Reference image: pinterest link!

Kind of along the same lines as the previous sketch (in so much as it has a figure and a plane in it) but this time with a lady presumably heading towards here plane to begin her holiday (or more than likely in a going nowhere in a staged photoshoot or hell, even a photoshopped picture but that’s not important.) What is however, is that I wanted to do one with a figure in it and wanted to see how long it would take me to do a mainly dark tone (pretty much black here) so thought this suited down to the ground. Turns out it didn’t take all that long to do the black, or near black stippling and I quite liked the sketch overall.

Till next time!


Day 931: Spitfire and Pilot

Day 931: Spitfire and Pilot


Reference image: pinterest link!

So, this was a bit of a departure from what I’ve been drawing lately and a completely random find but I loved it the moment I saw it and know that I had to sketch it. Quite a interesting one to try and do quickly as well with the whole black and very dark tones in it as these tend to take a while with stippling so this sketch probably took a bit longer than usual but I really didn’t mind. In fact, unless I’ve got a deadline such as work or the end of the day I don’t really seem to actually care how long I stipple for and can very easily just sit here for several hours stippling something (granted though, this is rarely one of these sketches but usually some finished piece that I’m trying to do). I just really love the medium and technique!

Till next time!

Day 911: Down and Out

Day 911: Down and Out


Reference image: pinterest link!

continuing with the whole abandoned and ruined theme we have this sketch of a lovely wrecked WWII plane, sitting in the water on this shoreline. Loved the skeletal look of the various bits and the scuffed paintwork on the side and hope that I’ve managed to do the reference image justice with it!

Till next time!


Day 841: Spitfire

Day 841: Spitfire


Reference image: pinterest linkie

Time taken: 15 minutes

Right time to do some catching up with these blog posts as I’m beginning to really fall behind again, starting with this WW2 British fighter classic, the Spitfire, another sketch demanded by my son. A nice and quick sketch that was done at a weird angle to see if I could get the perspective correct on it. Not sure I got it completely, but I think I just about managed it, was definitely easier thinking of it as shapes rather than a actual plane, thats for sure!

Till next time!

Day 836: Beech Staggerwing

Day 836: Beech Staggerwing


Reference image: pinterst linkie!

Time taken: 15 minutes

So, decided to do another Bi-plane for day 836, this time however I managed to find this more modern version with a fully enclosed cockpit (that I genuinely didn’t know actually existed till I found it on Pinterest lol. Really nice looking plane actually and very quick to sketch which was nice with it also coming out quite nicely. Oh and it has sons seal of approval as well which is good!

Till next time!


Day 835: Biplane

Day 835: BiplanesketchingdailyDAY835

Reference image: pinterest link

Time taken: 20 minutes

Son demanded a bi-plane for day 835 so of course being the dutiful father that I am I decided to draw one for him (I mean it helps that I’m quite fond of the old WW1 style planes and the whole Biggles books). Not actually sure what this bi plane is other than that its a British marked one but by and large they all tended to look fairly similar back then. Son also likes the drawing which is the best seal of approval and a good thing so I’m happy and like that sketching the basic shapes is getting easier for me.

Till next time!


Day 730: De Haviland Vampire

Day 730: De Haviland Vampire


Reference image: google image search

Time taken: 25 minutes

So, firstly apologies for the slightly off coloured photo on this one as the lighting wasn’t the best. So, we finally reached two years a couple of days ago and for the aforementioned family goings on this seemed like the perfect thing to sketch to mark the two years anniversary. Will seem a bit random for all of you I’m sure but there is meaning and reason behind it and I hope you’ll like this rather interesting looking fighter plane all the same!

Till next time!

Day 377: Young Pilot in training

Day 377: Young Pilot in training!


So were back with the planes for the last of the sketches that I have around the subject, this time showing my wife sat in the plane while my mother in law holds our little one who was probably confused as to why he wasn’t allowed to go with mummy.

Another sketch that I really like the outcome of and one that my wife really liked too saying that I’d got a really good likeness of the three of them especially her mother. I like the pushed values again in this one, in fact, weirdly enough the part that I like best in the image is the really dark bit of the inside of the plane and the rivets on the bottom half of the planes fuselage. Bother weird parts to favour but there you go.

Anyway, in my quest to catch back up with the backlog of uploading that I have to do, I have another post that I should be able to do before I have to turn in for the night so I’ll see you all in a few minutes.

till then!

Day 376: Safety Briefing

Day 376: Safety Briefing


Another plane sketch for day 376, this time, it’s my father in law giving us a safety brief just in case anything bad did happen (which thankfully it didn’t) in front of one of the two hangars there.

Another sketch that I really liked, and again with this one I tried to use white to emphasise the main subject of the sketch (which is the plane). Unfortunately, I’ve just realised that although the subject is well proportioned the hangar seems to have well, been blown a bit in the wind. Ignoring that though I really like this sketch again. I’m definitely glad that I’m getting a lot more confident with pushing values as originally the glider in the hangar was a bit obvious and clashed with the main focus of the plane too much, so I had to take it back.

Anyway, that’s another one caught up with and I have a further one more plane based sketch to go for tomorrow. Unfortunately though, I need to get some sleep so will have to try and catch up a bit more tomorrow so will see you then!

Till then!