Day 1007: Kromhout zwaar transport

Day 1007: Kromhout zwaar transport


Reference image: pinterest link

A sketch from a old photo of an old Dutch lorry, pulling what looks to be a very heavy and wide load. Quite funny to see a truck like this pulling this load on its own down a busy street whereas today there would be escorts and people moved to the side for it. It also looks pretty precarious balanced there on the back of it, almost like its going to roll of it goes too quickly round a corner (or probably, more likely roll the truck). Anyway another interesting and enjoyable sketch that I was pleased of the outcome!

Till next time!


Day 1004: Volvo FH16-750

Day 1004: Volvo FH16-750


Reference image: pinterest link!

Loved this image of a Volvo lorry so thought that I might as well do a sketch of it. Pretty glad that I did choose to do a sketch as well given how it came out. Did a bit of a different take on the stippling with this one as well using dashes alongside the stippling which I think worked pretty nicely and helped to create some more texture to the actual sketch which is always good. The choice of subject also gave me a nice break from the trains and the buildings which was refreshing!

Till next time!

Day 993: Tipper Lorry

Day 993: Tipper Lorry


Reference image: pinterest link!

So, this will be a nice one to prove the point in the reply that I left to yesterdays comment that not all my sketches come out that well or show constant quality, when compared to yesterdays . I think the perspective may have been a bit skewed in places and I made the pen marks a bit too dark in places. Still, I do quite like the cab area of it and you can still pretty easily make out what it is so I still think as a visual image and representation it works and that’s pretty much the point of sketches!

Till next time

Day 992: Ford D Series Articulated Truck

Day 992: Ford D Series Articulated Truck


Reference image: pinterest link!

Another truck following on from the other one yesterday. Really liked this flat faced one and had a great time sketching it which I think came through in the actual sketch in that its one o the better ones from my recent sketches!

Till next time!

Day 991: Volvo N88

Day 991: Volvo N88


Reference image: pinterest link!

Gave the choice of subject matter to my son for day 991 and he choose lorries so I found an old one to do a quick little sketch of in the form of this Volvo N88. Lovely looking old dump truck type lorry with the usual front hood you found on them back then and a very nice little sketch which got my sons approval!

Till next time!

Day 738: 137 Calle Escalerillos, Cuidad Nezahualcoyotl, Mexico City

Day 738: 137 Calle Escalerillos, Cuidad Nezahualcoyotl, Mexico City


Reference view: map street view

Time taken: 30 minutes

So this was another interesting view that I found in Mexico City and instantly fell in love with, mostly for the Semi truck in it (I think that’s what there called) and was another sketch that I had great fun doing and that actually came out really well given the time taken. Other than that there’s not really much else to say about the sketch, I just hope you lot like the results as much as me.

Till next time!

Day 709: 47-67 Bridgewater St Brooklyn, NY

Day 709: 47-67 Bridgewater St Brooklyn, NY


Reference view: map street view

Time taken: 40 minutes

So, bit of a different one for today with a look at a industrial unit rather than the house or a apartment block/ shop front. Quite enjoyed it as well even if it is a really simple looking composition I just really liked the look of the lorry parked in the bay and the shadowed trailers in several of the other bays. Not much more to say about it however other than I tried stippling the sky this time which worked out a bit better than the cross hatched one I tried several days ago (or at least I think so).

Till next time!