633: Exeter Bus Station

633: Exeter Bus Station


Reference view: google streetview (zoomed in a little bit though)

Time taken: 30 minutes

So, this was a bit of a random one but I think I’m a bit obsessed with public transit and networks as I seem to have found a Bus Station an interesting subject to sketch. Used this particular bus station quite a lot as well as unsurprising its the main one in Exeter (what with Exeter only having a population of about 120k, it doesn’t exactly need a huge amount of public transport or network links). Quite liked trying to get the angles of all the buses correct as well when doing the sketch and I don’t think I did that bad a job with it in the end.

Till next time!


Day 614: 15 Grand Rd, London (Clapham Junction)

Day 614: 15 Grand Rd, London (Clapham Junction)


Reference view: google streetview

Time taken: 35 minutes

So, decided to change the focus a bit with this sketch and look at some buses instead. It’s also a sketch from a place that you don’t automatically assume has a bus station (though thinking about it now, I’d be surprised if it didn’t) as were outside of Clapham Junction, a place obviously associated with trains.

Pretty happy with how the sketch came out and really enjoyed sketching out the various buses in the scene as it was a nice break form the usual buildings. I think it also shows how my vehicle sketching skill have come on a whole lot since I started doing these streetview sketches which is always nice.

Anyway I hope you guys like it as well and I’ll try to get caught back up again over the next couple of days as I’ve fallen behind again so…

Till next time!