Day 943: Here we snow again!

Day 943: Here we snow again!


Reference image: Personal photo

So, we’ve had another bout of snow around where I live in the UK which is definitely odd and all together confusing (seriously haven’t had an noticeable snow around where I live in 7 years and then suddenly have two heavy snowfalls in 2 weeks, go figure lol).  This is another image to go along with the previous one that I did of the same bike seat, but this time with snow instead of icicles and snow (here’s the other blog post Day 926: Not a usual sight!).  To be honest though I probably only sketched it subconsciously so I could use the awful pun in the title!

Till next time!


Day 926: Not a usual sight!

Day 926: Not a usual sight!


Reference image: Personnel photo

So, if you live in the UK you probably noticed the rather odd and unusual weather we had last week, what with all the snow and such. Anyway, I’ve only ever seen snow like this in my life a couple of times before and can’t remember any apart from the last time, 7 years ago. Not sure that it was this bad last time either as I can’t remember seeing icicles like these that were on my bike seat on Friday morning. So, thought I would sketch it so I had a memory of this weird weather as who knows when we’ll see it next!

Till next time!

Day 661: Parisian Scooter

Day 661: Parisian Scooter


Reference image: pinterst link!

Time taken: 20 minutes

Wanted something quick and simple for the morning of the day after Boxing Day (not confusing at all I know) so, chose this little picture of a scooter in Paris leaned up against a tree to do before work.

Was going to be quite a challenge because everytime I try and draw bikes they don’t normally turn out very accurate perspective wise but I don’t think I did too badly here (stupid wheels though!)

Till next time!

Day 858: Paris Riverside

Day 858: Paris Riverside


Reference image: pinterest link

Time taken: 20 minutes

Quite a simple little sketch for day 858 with this view of a bicycle in front of some bridges and a river in Paris which I really liked and needed something not too difficult so i could get it done before work.. Not sure the bike is completely correct but it looks like a bycycle which is always usefuland a good start!

Till next time!

Day 729: Betalla de Loma Alta, Mexico City

Day 729: Betalla de Loma Alta, Mexico City


Reference view: map street view

Time taken: 20 minutes

So, apologies for falling behind again with uploading these sketches but we’ve not been having a brilliant time lately with stuff happening in the family and as such I’ve not had much time to do these sketches let alone write these blog posts. Anyway I have still been managing to get them done starting with this partly finished one of a shop front on a corner in Mexico City where I was drawn tot he random items inside it and the interesting looking bike cart thingy outside. Still, even without managing to finish it I quite like the outcome and the fact that my 18 month old son wandered up at one point and pointed to the tiny, messily drawn car inside the shop  (I think it’s one of them small electric kid cars) and said ‘car’ unprompted was the icing on the cake!

Till next time!

Day 728: Mexican Bike Taxi

Day 728: Mexican Bike Taxi


Reference view: map street view

Time taken: 20 minutes

So, a bit of a shorter one for today but I had to sketch one of these bike taxi things I keep seeing all over the city which appears to combine the idea of a Rickshaw with a motorbike. As said above it was a lot quicker than my normal sketches but I don’t think the quality suffered for it and I’m happy with how it came out though the background elements do look a bit disjointed from the bike and rider, still a fun a slightly different sketch. Also I’ve just realised that I’m only 2 days away from two years of this daily sketching so that’s exciting. Now I just need to find something interesting to sketch for then!

Till next time!