Day 1009: Emerging

Day 1009: Emerging 


Reference image: pinterest link!

Found this really nice image for day 1009 of a tube train emerging from one of the many tunnels that make up the network. Love how tight a fit the tunnel is and can only assume that either they didn’t have such stringent health and safety measures back then or the trains have grown over time. Either way if it made a lovely looking and fun sketch which came out well (interestingly enough my favourite part I think is the cabling down the side of the tunnel).

Till next time!


Day 1007: Kromhout zwaar transport

Day 1007: Kromhout zwaar transport


Reference image: pinterest link

A sketch from a old photo of an old Dutch lorry, pulling what looks to be a very heavy and wide load. Quite funny to see a truck like this pulling this load on its own down a busy street whereas today there would be escorts and people moved to the side for it. It also looks pretty precarious balanced there on the back of it, almost like its going to roll of it goes too quickly round a corner (or probably, more likely roll the truck). Anyway another interesting and enjoyable sketch that I was pleased of the outcome!

Till next time!

Day 1006: Ruston Turntable demo Yeovil Railway Centre

Day 1006: Ruston Turntable demo Yeovil Railway Centre


Reference image: Personal photo

Another sketch from a photo taken at Yeovil, this time looking at a turntable display that they put on using a small Diesel engine and some carriages. Quite a nice little demonstration on a turntable that has seen the Flying Scotsman turn around on it as well. Anyway a nice little sketch to show off the demonstration.

Till next time!

Day 1004: Volvo FH16-750

Day 1004: Volvo FH16-750


Reference image: pinterest link!

Loved this image of a Volvo lorry so thought that I might as well do a sketch of it. Pretty glad that I did choose to do a sketch as well given how it came out. Did a bit of a different take on the stippling with this one as well using dashes alongside the stippling which I think worked pretty nicely and helped to create some more texture to the actual sketch which is always good. The choice of subject also gave me a nice break from the trains and the buildings which was refreshing!

Till next time!

Day 1003: Old and New

Day 1003: Old and New


Reference image: pinterest link!

More trains this time with a  side by side comparison of some old and some newer London underground stock (old on the right and new on the left). Love the size different between the two of them hence the choice of subject for the sketch. Also liked how it came out despite it looking a bit faded in places.

Till next time!

Day 1002: Arriva Wales Class 158

Day 1002: Arriva Wales Class 158


Reference Image: pinterest link!

Another train sketch with another request this time for a Arrive Wales Class 158. One of the few trains that I’ve sketched that I’ve actually been on (though admittedly in South West Trains livery) as they run on the local train line to London.  Another train sketch that I’m pretty happy with as well!

Till next time!

Day 1001: EMD F3

Day 1001: EMD F3 


Reference image: pinterest link!

So, to start off the next 1000 sketches we have, surprisingly enough, a train sketch. This time this American locomotive which was another request on a discord channel I’m a member of. Love the look of these engines and really liked how the sketch came out even though I do wish it was easier to see what was on the nose of the train as it came out a bit busy in that area. Still, definitely one of the better locomotive sketches I have on here and a good way to start off the next 1000!

Till next time!

Day 997: Class 143 Pacer DMU

Day 997: Class 143 Pacer DMU


Reference image: pinterest link!

Back to the trains with another request form the discord server, this time this Pacer DMU. Basically a bus on the railway  tracks for anyone who doesn’t know what a Pacer is. Never been on one in real life but I hear they can be quite bumpy. Anyway, another little sketch that I quite like the outcome of and the person requesting it was happy!

Till next time!

Day 993: Tipper Lorry

Day 993: Tipper Lorry


Reference image: pinterest link!

So, this will be a nice one to prove the point in the reply that I left to yesterdays comment that not all my sketches come out that well or show constant quality, when compared to yesterdays . I think the perspective may have been a bit skewed in places and I made the pen marks a bit too dark in places. Still, I do quite like the cab area of it and you can still pretty easily make out what it is so I still think as a visual image and representation it works and that’s pretty much the point of sketches!

Till next time