Day 285: Colyton Tractor Rally 2016

Day 285: Colyton Tractor Rally 2016

So, for something completely different today we have a tractor from the local tractor rally which passed by the back of my parents house while I was round there earlier with the little one and some other family. Quite a few old style tractors were there as well which was cool and everyone seemed to enjoy watching them. I took the opportunity to take a quick photo to sketch later on in the day.


Really happy with how this turned out given my track record for trying to draw vehicles. I think my grasp of perspective must have got a lot better than it was the last time I tried to draw a vehicle which is nice. I especially like how elliptical I managed to get the wheels despite free handing them. Sure the person looks a bit weird but nevermind we’ll ignore him..

But yer I really liked this sketch and as you can see choose to add colour to make the tractor pop and and show off its lovely red colouring. Might have to draw more vehicles in the future especially in this sketchy style as its fairly quick and (at least in this case) produced a good result.

So yer I hope you all like this look at the old tractor and don’t mind the break in the usual monument content and I’ll see you all tomorrow for the next sketch.

Till then!