Day 985: Balliudallock Castle, Gate House, Scotland

Day 985: Balliudallock Castle, Gate House, Scotland


Reference image: pinterst link!

More architecture for day 985 with this lovely looking gatehouse of a castle in Scotland. turns out theres a fair few nice looking castles and estates in Scotland looking at Pinterest. Not much else to say though about the sketch but I’m happy with how it came out and hope you guys like it!

Till next time!


Day 979: Voyager Train

Day 979: Voyager Train


Reference image: pinterest link

More trains, this time a Virgin Voyager DEMU (Diesel Electric multiple Unit) in this case in a Virgin Trains livery. This was another request form the discord server as well and again made for a lovely little sketch (I think its safe to say I might be developing a fondness for trains) though I do have a bit of a soft spot for the signals in the sketch of this one.

Till next time!

Day 961: Soviet Bus Stop 4

Day 961: Soviet Bus Stop 4


Reference image: pinterest link!

Back to the bus stops for one last time for day 961 with another odd looking one. Kind of reminds me of the stations that you would see at a much bigger bus station rather than a single stop with the arching roofs and the odd looking lattice work. Still, I do quite like the look of it and typing up these blog posts makes me want to go and look for more of them.

Till  next time!


Day 959: Soviet Bus Stop 3

Day 959: Soviet Bus Stop 3


Reference image: pinterest link!

Not finished yet with these unusual bus stops I’m afraid with another one for day 959. Bit more normal looking than the last two, looking slightly more functional than aesthetic though still different as a bus stop. Not much else to say about this one though to be honest other than that, again a simple but satisfying sketch that I think is helping with my perspective and line direction perception (which I’m sure is something that I just made up completely but we’ll go with it).

Till next time!

Day 933: Not Catching Much

Day 933: Not Catching Much


Reference image: pinterest link!

Another day, another boat this time another fishing vessel that may have seen better days (or may just have been beached for some reason). Quite liked the fact that the boat was in a slightly different angle to the other boats that I’ve sketched and showed more detail from the deck, which, although not emphasised was still a nice part, though, looking at it I may have emphasised it by way of not actually putting many dots in there.. hmm… which also means, I completely ignored the reference image value in that area. Anyway before I get confused, I hope you like another boat!

Till next time!

Day 902: Aurello Murillo, Seville, Spain

Day 902: Aurello Murillo, Seville, Spain


Reference image: pinterest link!

So, this was just a random suggestion in Pinterest that caught my eye in the feed of the house from the day before. really liked the crowning on the top of this building and the weird way that the balcony was supported from above rather than below. Quite a fun and quick little sketch as well which I’m really happy with the outcome of. Wished I’d had a bit more time to do some more of the surrounding buildings for it though to try and place it better but no worries, its still a nice sketch!

Till next time!

Day 874: Gylen Castle, Scotland

Day 874: Gylen Castle, Scotland


Reference image: pinterest link

Time taken: 50 minutes

Another one of Scotland in the same vein as yesterdays sketch this time with a bit more than just landscape in it with this lovely ruined castle overlooking the bay beside it. Quite like the look of it though I do prefer yesterdays sketch as I think it has a bit more detention in it over this one, not that this one looks bad or anything and I’m still really enjoying these landscape and stippled sketches and hope that you guys are as well!

Till next time!


Day 871: Container Cabin

Day 871: Container Cabin 


Reference image: pinterest link!

Time taken: 45 minutes

So, were finally only a day behind and nearly caught up which is pretty awesome and, as you might have noticed we have a slightly change in style to the sketches in that I’ve done it entirely in pointillism/stippling. Decided that as I was doing these A6 size sketches and, seeing as any pieces that I do as finished pieces rather than sketches are done in stippling, I thought it would probably be a good idea to do sketches in stippling as well. Sure they take a bit longer but I’m trying to negate that a bit by using a bigger nib and not being as detailed and it seems to be working (ok its takes longer than the usual sketches but I think it looks nicer too personally). A big bonus is that I really like the look of these at the end so I hope you lot do too!

As for the subject its a really simple and nice looking container home house which have always interested me and, being rather simple i thought it would make a good test piece for the stippling method of sketching. The tree in the middle is also a pretty awesome and eye catching element even if it should completely ruin the composition.

Till next time!


Day 817: Another Steamer

Day 817: Another Steamer


Reference image: Lost this again sorry. Tried to find it but couldn’t 

Time taken: 35 minutes

Right, another day of daddy daycare so another train sketch. This one looks pretty unique as it seems to have a crane or something on the top of it. Regardless of what it is though, the rest of it is just the normal old steam train which, given that I have a fondness for these old American locomotives makes this a good thing. The fact that they s=seem to be getting better is also a bonus!

Till next time!