Day 667: Clapham Junction Ariel View

Day 667: Clapham Junction Ariel View


Reference image: ariel image

Time taken: 30 minutes

So, were in the penultimate station of our journey to London Waterloo, stopping at one of, if not the busiest (in terms of changes) stations in Europe, Clapham Junction where, as you can probably tell I choose to take a different approach with the sketch and went with a Ariel view of the station so that I could try and show you all the scale of the place.

Really enjoyed the Ariel view of it actually and it was great fun and different to draw it (plus it reminded me of one of my favourite artists, Stephen Wiltshire). I just hope that you all enjoy it too and can actually make things out in it.

Till next time!

Day 659: Gillingham Station

Day 659: Gillingham Station


Reference view: instant streetview

Time taken: 30 minutes

So, another stop along the lien with another relatively old and familiar styled station with Gillingham, Dorset. Quite a nice building though with the ubiquitous bridge just about visible in the background. Not much else to say about this one other than the attempt to add some life to it with the traffic outside and the people wandering around which was fun to do.

Till next time!


Day 626: South Devon Railway, Locomotive

Day 626: South Devon Railway, Locomotive


Reference image: Personal photo

Time taken: 35 minutes

So, its turns out that our lovely son (who’s now 16 months old!) loves trains (or Whoo Whoo’s as he calls them) so, we decided at the weekend to take him down to the South Devon Railway where they have a load of old locomotives and rolling stock that runs a old branch line that’s now privatised between Buckfastliegh and Totnes (where it meets a mainline station). Anyway he loved the whole day and looking at and riding on the trains and I managed to get a load of photos to sketch so expect them over the next few blog posts, starting with this one.

Now I’m not sure what the train actually is as I can’t find it listed on the website so I’m assuming its a relatively new locomotive that they’ve picked up. Anyway, I loved the look of it being quite fond of the old diesel haulage locomotives and think that I did the train justice in the sketch and it was fun to do, trying to get all the undercarriage details in, in the time limit (which I went over a bit on but nevermind).

So, I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did sketching it. Just wish sometimes that I could do these on site rather than from photos but keeping the little one occupied is more important!

Till next time!

Day 620: 1 Barnby St, Kings Cross, London (London Euston)

Day 620: 1 Barnby St, Kings Cross, London (London Euston)


Reference view: google streetview (left hand side of station)

Time taken: 30 minutes

So, this is part 1 of 2 sketches that I did of the same view from London Euston railway station concentrating on the trains waiting at the platform. rather than the actual station building or platforms. No real reason why I just fancied a change from the normal stuff and am on a bit of a train binge at the moment so why not sketch some rolling stock?

Anyway I am pretty happy with the sketch and it was fun to do. Did make me want to draw more railway stuff as well which I’m sure is a good thing so we’ll probably see even more in the future, but for now!

Till next time!

Day 574: 15 Chance St, London

Day 574: 15 Chance St, London


Reference: streetiview view (sorry if this opens up the same reference as day 573, its the building just up the street)

Time taken: 35 minutes

So, for this one I literally just turned the camera around from yesterdays and found this much more interesting building to draw for today. Really liked the very detailed face of this one and sensibly choose to actually concentrate on this one rather than my usual, get distracted with the stuff surrounding it.

Really am happy with this one and its definitely my favourite one of these street views so far and one that I feel I’ve probably the most complete of them all so far. I even managed to get the darker lines in with this one which I’ve struggled with on the rest.

Anyway were now all caught up and I’m still really enjoying these street view sketches so expect to I hope you all also enjoy them as there’s some more coming up!

Till then!


Day 551: Farmhouse and Barn

Day 551: Farmhouse and Barn


Reference image: Pintrest linkie!

So, this one was actually pretty much finished tot he stage where I’d want it to be. Quite a nice and interesting barn with a lot of different shapes joined together in it to give the overall structure with the farm fields in front. I unfortunately accidently squashed the building a little bit when compared to the reference image, but never mind, its only noticeable when you know what the reference image looks like and I’m still pretty happy with the actual sketch so let’s get todays uploaded!

Till then!

522: Old Tower

522: Old Tower


Reference: got the reference for this one as well

Another random old building again for day 522 in the form of this old tower. No idea what it was used for but I thought it looked quite cool having all the old wood part falling apart while the stone bit sits untouched below it.

Quite liked the sketch as well. Its a bit messier than I would normally aim for but nevermind, I think it might add to the run down look. I also really like the tree in the foreground though I think I have a tendency to like these small random details that aren’t the main subject. So that was another one uploaded for today. Pretty knackered so I don’t think I’ll have another one up tonight so I’ll see you all later.

Till then!

Day 434: Mankar College of Magic

Day 434: Mankar College of Magic


So, because you can’t have a truly fantasy medieval setting without some sort of magic, here’s Mankar’s college (decided to call the place where the last couple of sketches are from, Mankar). Not really entirely sure what I was going for with it as it just kept growing and I kept on adding bits to it as I went along ending up with this.(I don’t even think it was meant to be anything to do with magic to start with but nevermind it’s where we ended up.

Tried to keep some of the roofing style from yesterday to help give the place a common element and the place is timbered like the other building’s in town (god forbid a pyromancer screws a spell up). Probably went a bit heavy with the line in places and the perspective is a bit whack but there we go, it’s all a learning process and I like the outcome.

No idea where I’ll be tomorrow with the dailysketch. Could pretty much be a sketch of anything the way this is going so we’ll have to see.

Till then!


Day 431: Under Construction

Day 431: Under Construction


Just decided to do a simple sketch today of the nearby housing development opposite the newish Tesco’s. Not exactly an overly detailed sketch but I think it came out quite nicely and was quite fun to do and I’m quite liking how the shadows came out . I’ve also gone back to using biro in areas and for the initial sketch as I like it as an alternative to pencil.

So yer, it was nice to have a sketch that wasn’t another spaceship though I might try and get back to them tomorrow, we’ll see.

Till then!