Day 991: Volvo N88

Day 991: Volvo N88


Reference image: pinterest link!

Gave the choice of subject matter to my son for day 991 and he choose lorries so I found an old one to do a quick little sketch of in the form of this Volvo N88. Lovely looking old dump truck type lorry with the usual front hood you found on them back then and a very nice little sketch which got my sons approval!

Till next time!


Day 984: Sunset Walk

Day 984: Sunset Walk


Reference image: pinterest link!

Loved this simple image of a couple of people walking along what I assume is a beach against a shadowed foreground. which I thought would lend itself well to the pen and ink style of the stippling. Quite fun a little sketch as well which I think came out well though I wish there was a better way to define the sky in the background and the cloud shapes.

Till next time!

Day 983: Overgrown Arch

Day 983: Overgrown Arch


Reference image: pinterest link!

Slightly more simple one for day 983 and back with the architecture, specifically looking at an old arch which looks like its from a graveyard or mausoleum type structure. Loved how deep the shadows got in the recesses of the actual arch in this one and all the hugging vegetation which I hope came out in the sketch. The roof line looks a bit odd admittedly but that is what it looked like in the reference so we’ll just go with it!

Till next time!

Day 980: Class 421

Day 980: Class 421


Reference image: pinterest link

Another request and another train, this time a EMU (Electric Multiple Unit), powered by a third rail, set in the tracks . This one is currently not in service but is wearing my local livery of the South West Trains. Other than that not much else to say about it so on to the next sketch!

Till next time!


Day 977: 9F Steam Locomotive

Day 977: 9F Steam Locomotive


Reference image: pinterest link!

This lovely steam locomotive was a request from a person on a train discord server. Pretty happy to do the request as well as the locomotive is gorgeous and I’m really happy with how the sketch came out. On another note, unrelated to the actual sketch I’m currently 24 days behind on posting these blogs so expect the next batch to be pretty sparse in wording as I need to get them up and caught back up!

Till next time!

Day 975: Old Pulley

Day 975: Old Pulley


Reference image: pinterest link!

Loved the look of this old hook and pulley with its tones and the links of the chains. Really happy with how it came out as well with the definition that I managed to get into the chain and the wheel. Not really that much else to say though other than I really like the outcome and hope you lot do too!

Till next time!

Day 974: Japanese Station Guard

Day 974: Japanese Station Guard


Reference image: pinterest link!

Loved this image of a station guard in Japan standing waiting for the train to come in. not something you ever see over here in the UK and just thought the actual scene was quite a nice one to sketch.

Till next time!


Day 968: Class Y111509968189.L

Day 968: Class Y111509968189.L


Reference image: pinterest link!

Not entirely sure that the engine is actually called what I’ve titled it but that is what the pinterest image was titled. Also have no idea what the actual engine is as I’ve never seen one like this before though I can only assume it was used for yard work and shunting. Anyway, usage aside I just had to sketch it purely for how odd it looked as a locomotive and am pretty happy with how the sketch came out, especially liking the stark highlights on the predominantly dark front.

Till next time!

Day 961: Soviet Bus Stop 4

Day 961: Soviet Bus Stop 4


Reference image: pinterest link!

Back to the bus stops for one last time for day 961 with another odd looking one. Kind of reminds me of the stations that you would see at a much bigger bus station rather than a single stop with the arching roofs and the odd looking lattice work. Still, I do quite like the look of it and typing up these blog posts makes me want to go and look for more of them.

Till  next time!