Day 789: Babbacombe Model Village Harbour Scene

Day 789: Babbacombe Model Village Harbour Scene


Reference image: Personal Photo

Time taken: 30 minutes

So this was the newest scene at the place, one of a harbour scene that is typical of a lot of the little fishing villages around the coast of the country, with its sheltered harbour and fishing ships. took a really loose approach with this one (though I don’t think it was my original intention I think I just got a bit annoyed at one point and just thought screw it). Quite like the outcome of it though even if it does look quite rough around the edges ad messy and I hope you guys do too.

Till next time!



Day 742: Blanche, BHLR

Day 742: Blanche, BHLR


Reference image: Personal photo

Time taken: 25 minutes

So, this is the final one of the three trains that I’ve sketched from our bank holiday trip to Pecorama. This one was a bit rushed one that was a bit more sketchy than the others and didn’t take as long though I still really like the outcome and how the very front of the train looks especially. I’m also quite like the fact that even though its rushed the perspective is still there which is something that I used to struggle with. Anyway I hope you like the trio of trains that I have shown you over the last couple of days as much as I have sketching them!

Till next time!


Day 736: Bilbao, Mexico City

Day 736: Bilbao, Mexico City


Reference image: map street view

Time taken: 30 minutes

So, this was a rather random structure that I found somewhere in Mexico City with no obvious purpose to it that I just had sketch. Not really much more to say about it though other than that. Seriously no idea what they are but there was a load of them in a row and I through a random telegraph pole in for good measure!

Still I thoroughly enjoyed the sketch despite its random subject!

Till next time!


Day 730: De Haviland Vampire

Day 730: De Haviland Vampire


Reference image: google image search

Time taken: 25 minutes

So, firstly apologies for the slightly off coloured photo on this one as the lighting wasn’t the best. So, we finally reached two years a couple of days ago and for the aforementioned family goings on this seemed like the perfect thing to sketch to mark the two years anniversary. Will seem a bit random for all of you I’m sure but there is meaning and reason behind it and I hope you’ll like this rather interesting looking fighter plane all the same!

Till next time!

Day 728: Mexican Bike Taxi

Day 728: Mexican Bike Taxi


Reference view: map street view

Time taken: 20 minutes

So, a bit of a shorter one for today but I had to sketch one of these bike taxi things I keep seeing all over the city which appears to combine the idea of a Rickshaw with a motorbike. As said above it was a lot quicker than my normal sketches but I don’t think the quality suffered for it and I’m happy with how it came out though the background elements do look a bit disjointed from the bike and rider, still a fun a slightly different sketch. Also I’ve just realised that I’m only 2 days away from two years of this daily sketching so that’s exciting. Now I just need to find something interesting to sketch for then!

Till next time!


Day 727: 40 Calle Pastos, Chimalhuacan, Mexico City

Day 727: 40 Calle Pastos, Chimalhuacan, Mexico City


Reference image: (really annoyingly I’ve once again lost the reference view and can’t find it again with the address. So sorry as it was a lovely view)

Time taken: 35 minutes

So for yesterday I found these lovely arcade machines just propped up in a doorway on a random side street in Mexico City and had to make sketch of it just because of how random it was. Bit of a stretched look to the machines but nevermind, the idea and the random look of the scene is there so that’s what matters and I actually really enjoyed sketching it so consider it a very successful sketch which I hope you lot like as well!

Till next time!

Day 717: Caterpillar Wheelloader

Day 717: Caterpillar Wheelloader


Reference view: map street view

Time taken: 40 minutes

So, something a bit different for today as I was struggling to find a building to sketch that I found interesting when I came across this Caterpillar wheelloader (or at least that’s what I believe it is according to caterpillars website) and decided what the hell lets sketch a  vehicle instead of a building today. Didn’t want to spend too much time on it as I have a 10 hour work shift today so its basically just a outline and some very basic shading thrown in but I like it and think it looks like the actual thing. I was a bit worried about the wheels but I don’t think they came out that badly in the end so it’s all good. Hope you don’t mind the quick change, no doubt I’ll be back to buildings tomorrow!

Till then!

Day 153 Avenue B, New York

Day 153 Avenue B, New York


Reference view: mapstreet view

Time taken: 50 minutes

Another sketch from New York to finally get us all caught up again, this time of the front of a house if which I loved the door and the tree out front. Again this one took a little bit longer and I tried to get a cleaner more illustrative look to it than usual which as with yesterday I’m really happy with. I’ve also started adding the white gel pen back into the supplies that I use as this is helping with correcting and stray lines or adding the white bits back in when I accidently get carried away with rendering (in this sketch for example, the white line down the side of the tree. Definitely think that I’ll try and continue like this rather than the looser ones that I was a while back but, given that its me, I could change my mind tomorrow!

Till next time!

(Were also now all caught up again! Yay!)


Day 697: Lichfield Cathedral Door

Day 697: Lichfield Cathedral Door


Reference image: reference image

Time taken: 40 minutes

So, another new sketchbook for day 697 and I wanted to go back to the whole door thing for new sketchbooks so did some searching on google for some interesting looking doors, coming up with this door of the cathedral in Lichfield which had some lovely wooden doors with filigree on it (I think that’s the correct term) and some nice contrast with the shadows and the lights. Pretty loose interpretation of it overall (with some slightly whacky proportions) but a fun little sketch to start, what I think, is the 12 sketch book!

Till next time!