Day 671: Water Tower, South Devon Railway

Day 671: Water Tower, South Devon Railway


Reference photo: Personal photo

Time taken: 20 minutes

So, this was a quick sketch that I managed to get done of the water tower that’s at the South Devon Railway Buckfastleigh station (the one that I’ve done a load of sketches from a little while ago). Just found it on my phone and thought it would make a nice quick easy subject to sketch. I was meant to actually spend longer on it and get some more of the background in, but my son woke up and I decided to just leave it as it was in the end as I quite liked where it was at and didn’t really think adding more stuff would necessarily make it look any better. Hopefully a choice that you lot will agree with!

Till next time!

Day 663: Andover Station

Day 663: Andover Station


Reference Image: google image

Time taken: 30 minutes

So, the next station long the line is Andover where we have another shot of a train waiting at the station. Tried a completely different take on the style with this one with a very sketchy look to it that actually makes it just look like its really hammering it down with rain. Still the actual tones look quite nice and I like the fact that I haven’t actually used a solid line it which is nice.

Till next time!

Day 651: Colyton Tractor Rally 2017 Part 3

Day 651: Colyton Tractor Rally 2017 Part 3


Reference image: Personal photo

Time taken: 35 minutes

So, the final tractor that I plan on sketching from the tractor rally is this one with a front and back loader. As you can probably guess though I may have screwed up the whole composition a little bit as the back loader isn’t at all in view but oh well. What is in view I really like and was happy with how much detail I managed to get down in the time the sketch took and how the perspective looks pretty accurate throughout. Definitely seeing some improvement with these and I hope you guys are too.

Now if only I could get the scale right so that all of the subject fits into the sketch next time, we’d be well away!

Till next time!

Day 650: Colyton Tractor Rally Part 2

Day 650: Colyton Tractor Rally Part 2


Reference image: Personal photo

Time taken: 25 minutes

So another tractor for day 650. This time a bit more interesting and unusual in shape as it was very short and squat rather than the usual long engine one. No idea why it’s designed like that or what purpose it was for but I really liked the shape and how it looked a lot more industrial than a usual tractor and was a lot of a fun to try and sketch with the wheels being a bit tricky but coming out alright in the end.

Till next time!

Day 649: Colyton Tractor Rally 2017 Part 1

Day 649: Colyton Tractor Rally 2017 Part 1


Reference image: Personal photo

Time taken: 25 minutes

So, last week we had a local tractor rally running for the bank holiday and it past my parents-in-law’s house where we watched it with the family so, understandably, with 100+ old tractors driving past I had to get some photos to sketch.

This was the first one that I sketched of the photos I took of this old tractor. No idea what it is make and model wise but nevermind I liked sketching it and think it came out nicely so that’s the main thing. Also give you guys a break from trains.

Till next time!

Day 643: Dartmouth Upper Ferry

Day 643: Dartmouth Upper Ferry


Reference view: google streetview!

Time taken: 25minutes

So, this was a fun little sketch that came out a lot better than I thought it would while sketching it, where were still in Dartmouth and this time looking at one of the more unique modes of transport that you’ll find there in the form of a chained car ferry across the river. This is the Upper one ( there another one at the other end of the town called the lower Ferry (surprisingly enough)) and something that I’ve been across a fair few times in my life when we visited the town so thought I would give it a sketch as we were in the area.

Plus, who doesn’t like boats?

Till next time!


Day 516: The Doctor will see you now

Day 516: The Doctor will see you now


Reference image: My apologies again but as with the phone edge crashed and lost all my tabs. I know this was a photographer on deviantart though.

So, this is my favourite of the three still life ones I’ve done in the last few days. I love the whole sense of foreboding that a abandoned medical table gives, made even worse by the looming lights giving the impression of something staring down over you.

I purposefully emphasised them a bit in the sketch as well as they were easily my favourite part (I think I like drawing equipment and machines) though I like how stark the bed is in contrast to the room around it, almost as if its been recently cleaned unlike the room around it.

So, as you can probably tell I’m just really happy with how this one came out in genereal even though it does look very sketchy and rushed, it was just a really fun sketch and will hopefully bide you guys over until I can get more uploaded.

Till then!

Day 515: Never Rang

Day 515: Never Rang


Reference image: Well I did have this one but unfortunately, Microsoft edge crashed and lost all my browser tabs earlier so there ya go, now I don’t have any of the images because apparently my history is pretty selective in what it shows so sorry about that.

Another still life sketch for day 515, this time in the form of a old turn dialler style telephone in an abandoned building. Again much like the barber photo I really liked the composition and the make up of this photo and wanted to try and replicate it in the sketch, especially as a lot of the photo itself, while not black and white, was very similar to it.

As for the outcome I really like the telephone and how the edges came out on the front of it with the highlights of the black. The lamp in the background also came out really well as well which is nice.

Anyway I hope you like the last couple of sketches of still life objects, I have my favourite one of these still life ones to show you tomorrow (hopefully) so please pop back in to see that!

Till then!

502: Rumbling Bridge, Perth and Kinross

502: Rumbling Bridge, Perth and Kinross


Reference image: So again either I did this off my phone or have just lost the tab that I used so sorry for that. I should really start bookmarking them when I do it on the computer.

Right, so in the interest of at least getting one post a day until we get caught up here’s one of a random bridge in Scotland where I wanted to try and see if I could get contrast into an image where the reference didn’t really have that much in it in the first place.

Not sure if this one came out as well as the previous ones have. Although it is obvious that it’s a bridge (or at least I hope it is) I don’t think I got the contrast into that I had hoped that I would when I choose the image. I do like the water though which came out quite well despite just being a load of horizontal lines.

Anyway that was day 502’s sketch which means that at least I’ve not added to the amount of posts I’ve got left before I can catch up so that’s a good thing. Hopefully I can get more than one uploaded tomorrow and then we may actually be on our way to catching up.

Till then!