Day 480: Struck Down

Day 480: Struck Down


Reference Image: was from google but was on my tablet and I can’t find the page sorry.

So, this was an attempt at sketching what was meant to be the Emporer Palpatine/ Darth Sidious revealing himself when confronted by the Jedi and striking down a Jedi who’s name I can’t remember.

Unfortunately, as you can probably see I rushed this a bit and ended up with a pretty dodgy looking sketch. True the Jedi doesn’t look all that bad but the Emporer looks awful, definitely not my best sketch.

Anyway, that’s all for now as I need sleep so I’ll get the others up tomorrow for you all.

Till then!


Day 479: Its a Trap!

Day 479: Its a Trap!


Reference image: image clicky!

So, sticking with the Star Wars theme, for day 479, we have everybody’s favourite fishie humanoid (ok so The Little Mermaid and Dr Zoidberg might have the edge but nevermind, he’s my favourite), Admiral Ackbar, famous for his ‘It’s a trap!’ line.

Quite a fun little sketch as well and it came out pretty well. Quite like his eyes and the background as well as they both stand out and help make him pop respectively. The rendering on his face came out quite well as well which was nice though I still want to actually try and do some black and white (as in just pure black and pure white, or at least bring the range of tones back to like 3 or 4) as, at the moment its just rendered in the same way that I usually render things.

So, that was day 479. Unfortunately were still behind by several days but hopefully, I’ll be able to get a couple more up tonight before I’m too knackered and if not, they’ll definitely be up tomorrow morning, anyway.

Till then!

Day 478: Poe Dameron

Day 478: Poe Dameron


Source: link clicky

So, apologies for not uploading over the last couple of days but I’ve been a bit busy and haven’t had time to upload anything. To show that I’ve not given up on this though I want to try and get at least one of the 4 days I’m behind on before I head up to bed.

Starting with this sketch of the Rebel Alliances fighter ace Poe Dameron from the new Star Wars film standing on what I assume is his X-wing. Really enjoyed the look of the character in the image so that’s what made me decide to sketch him. Really enjoyed the sketch and love the outcome of it, especially the jumpsuit and how that came out though I’m not sure it’s obvious that its Star Wars pilot rather than just a pilot but there you go.

Right, so there’s one day of the four uploaded at least. I should have a couple of hours free in the afternoon tomorrow when I get home from work so I’ll try and get the rest uploaded then.

Till then!

Day 477: Jawa’s

Day 477: Jawa’s


Reference: source gallery

So, this is another of my favourite characters from the movies in the form of the tiny scavengers in the Jawa’s. Did this sketch quickly this morning before heading off to work of a couple of the little guys taking a shot at some unlucky droid.

Apart from the obviously misplaced line, I like the sketches and the quickness of them. I especially like the gun and how the hooded faces stand out as well as they do.

No idea what we’ll be seeing tomorrow. There’s probably a big chance that it’ll be a Star Wars sketch as I’m enjoying these but who knows?

Till then!

Day 476: Father

Day 476: Father


Reference: reference gallery

So, for yesterday I did one of the most iconic scenes from the movie franchise, the scene where Darth Vader removes his mask in the final movie, revealing the withered old man that he had become underneath it. This scene was made more impactful for me after seeing what Anakin looked like as he was interred in the famous black suit in episode 3.

Anyway, I’m really happy with how the sketch came out as I think I managed to capture a pretty good likeness of him and I really like how the tones and the contrast came out in it. Overall a sketch I’m really happy with.

So, that was yesterday’s sketch so its time to move onto today’s where were staying with the Star Wars theme so lets get on with it.

Till then!

Day 475: Maz

Day 475: Maz


Source:reference image clicky!

So for yesterday’s sketch, I choose to do one of my favourite characters from the new Star Wars movie in the form of the diminutive but obviously more powerful than she’s letting on smuggling queen, Maz Kanata.

Really quick sketch that turned out really nicely and is one that I’m really happy with, especially the goggles which I thought were the most interesting and engaging feature of the character. I’m really enjoying this new approach that I’m taking to rendering these sketches and how I’m getting more confident in putting down the pen and not hesitating loads before doing so which in the end seems to give better results.

Anyway, that was yesterday’s sketch. I have today’s done in the form of another iconic sketch from the franchise but will have to wait till tomorrow to get that uploaded I’m afraid as I want to be up early int he morning as I have work.

Till then!

Day 432: Alphabet Spaceships Project: Capital E

Day 432: Alphabet Spaceships Project: Capital E


Done another one of the spaceships today and probably my favourite so far. This is one of the several human races that I envisage as inhabiting the universe these things are from, these humans being the ones that currently rule Earth and are collectively known as Union.

This ship is meant as a sort of sniping destroyer with the huge gun being its main armament and is capable of tearing other capitals apart in several shots. Other than this there’s not really a lot to say about the ship, design wise though I think I prefer the background of the race logo rather than what I have been so that will probably stay.

This one seems to have increased my drive to do at least a couple more of these so I’ll probably have another one tomorrow so I hope you all pop back for that (unless of course you really don’t like these ships in which case here’s a link to my DeviantArt page where I have some WW2 sketches I’ve also been doing  WW2 001WW2 002).

Till then!

Day 430: Alphabet Spaceships project: Capital D

Day 430: Alphabet Spaceships project: Capital D


So here we have another one of spaceship designs for capital D. Wanted to do another Brotonyx ship and see if I could carry some features across as this would be the first time I’ve done another ship from a race I’ve done before.

This time though its a Destroyer but I wanted to try and maintain some of the design elements so it has the large solar cylinder and the black thingies that stick off of it (I have no idea what these are they just seemed like a good idea at the time.). Still not sure what I think of this project so I took a break from it for day 431 and decided on a simple sketch which I think we’ll move onto now!

Till then!

Day429: Alphabet Spaceships project: Captial C

Day429: Alphabet Spaceships project: Captial C


So, this is C and the idea behind it is that it’s a sort of mobile station inhabited by a collection of races rather than a single one and away from the laws of any single race. Kind of like a space station version of Jabba’s Palace without but not quite as lawless or violent. As such I wanted it to look clunky and blocky and like it was made of gathered scrap metal and being added to all the time.

This is probably my favourite of the three that I’ve done so far though I’m still not that sure of it but as they say, perseverance is key so I’m not planning on stopping them yet so expect to probably see another one tomorrow (sorry if your not liking them but I hope you still all stick around).

Till then!