Day 338: Oblivion, Alton Towers

Day 338: Oblivion, Alton Towers


So today’s sketch is of the famous dive coaster Oblivion in Alton Towers Me and my wife went to Alton GTowers several years ago where this was the coaster that terrified us both the most. This thinking about it, made no sense whatsoever as we had rode Nemesis several times that day already and, as it turned out, Nemesis was a lot more intense than Oblivion.

It also made very little sense due to me having rode SAW at Thorpe Park many times in the past and the vertical drop on that is steeper than the one on this (which is what was scaring me). However, as it was the last coaster we needed to ride in the park, we wen’t for it and realised that it really wasn’t all that bad (I mean it honestly didn’t really do a lot but we were expecting that as it is basically a gimmick coaster).

Anyway, I thought that made it a fitting sketch subject so decided to do that and am pretty happy with the result. I did find it slightly awkward when it came to the coaster train but still, its definitely recognisable as the coaster its meant to be so that’s the main thing.

Anyway I;’m out of time so will have to upload today’s sketch tomorrow and leave you with Oblivion here.

Till then!