Day 982: Waiting at St Pancras (Pre Eurostar)

Day 982: Waiting at St Pancras (Pre Eurostar)


Reference image: I’ve unfortunately forgot to actually save this reference image.

Another sketch of some trains this time several (what I think are Voyagers) Waiting at St Pancras before it became an international station serving Eurostar. Bit of a weird crop on the sketch but I didn’t really know what I wanted to focus on so just cropped it like this and think it came out quite nicely!

Till next time!


Day 978: Silverlink Class 150/1 at Bletchley Station

Day 978: Silverlink Class 150/1 at Bletchley Station


Reference image: pinterest link!

Another train request this time of a 150/1 Diesel Sprinter Multiple Unit with the silverlink livery, in this case stopped at Bletchley Station. Quite a nice little unit that was used a lot by British Rail when it was first introduced but has now been widely replaced and a nice little train to sketch.

Till next time!

Day 974: Japanese Station Guard

Day 974: Japanese Station Guard


Reference image: pinterest link!

Loved this image of a station guard in Japan standing waiting for the train to come in. not something you ever see over here in the UK and just thought the actual scene was quite a nice one to sketch.

Till next time!


Day 971: St Pancras Train Shed 1930

Day 971: St Pancras Train Shed 1930


Reference image: pinterest link!

Loved this old photo of what St Pancras station used to look like with all the steam trains waiting at the platforms and the mixture of goods and passenger trains. Also find the old signalling really weird to look at with the Semaphores being wired up to something. Not really all that sure how they work with the wiring but it sort of looks like s hybrid signalling system between the electric and the semaphores. Also enjoyed trying to make the trains look like they are emitting smoke while waiting in the station to be loaded or unloaded which was interesting and I think I pretty much managed to achieve that look.

Till next time!


Day 954: Abandoned Train Station

Day 954: Abandoned Train Station


Reference image: pinterst link!

So, this was a pretty cool looking building in Poland that had several different descriptions depending on what Pinterest image I was looking at. One said it was a industrial station and another said it was a passenger station (in which case it would be a pretty industrial looking passenger station). Either way it looked pretty awesome so I had to sketch it.


Day 765: Claudine at BHLR, Pecorama

Day 765: Claudine at BHLR, Pecorama


Reference photo: Personal photo

Time taken: 25 minutes

So, this is another sketch of one of the engines sat at the station at Pecorama I took on a visit the other day. This time the engine is Claudine a small boxy little engine sitting at the station about to turn around and get ready for another loop of the track. Another quick sketch done under a bit of time pressure but I still like how it came out and once again it has a train so automatically has my sons seal of approval!

Till next time!

Day 668: London Waterloo

Day 668: London Waterloo


Reference image: Network rail link

Time taken: 35 minutes

So, were at the final stop of our journey here in London Waterloo, a station that a lot of you have probably at least heard of as it is the countries biggest and most important railway station (though, as we’ve shown in sketches in the past, definitely not the only one in London). Again I did this one as a overview as it really is a huge building. I also choose to actually add some very basic outline sketches of the buildings that can be found around it as accurately as I could in the time that I was giving myself and I like how it turned out, though, ideally I would have liked to have made the buildings around it more detailed and just had the actual station done in a thicker line to make it pop out.

Still, I like the sketch and think its a nice way to finish our rail journey from Axminster to London Waterloo.

Till next time!

Day 667: Clapham Junction Ariel View

Day 667: Clapham Junction Ariel View


Reference image: ariel image

Time taken: 30 minutes

So, were in the penultimate station of our journey to London Waterloo, stopping at one of, if not the busiest (in terms of changes) stations in Europe, Clapham Junction where, as you can probably tell I choose to take a different approach with the sketch and went with a Ariel view of the station so that I could try and show you all the scale of the place.

Really enjoyed the Ariel view of it actually and it was great fun and different to draw it (plus it reminded me of one of my favourite artists, Stephen Wiltshire). I just hope that you all enjoy it too and can actually make things out in it.

Till next time!

Day 666: Basingstoke Station

Day 666: Basingstoke Station


Reference image: google image

Time taken: 30 minutes

So, next stop is Basingstoke where we have a rather cropped sketch of the station showing two trains waiting next to eachother on platform 2 (and I’m assuming 1). Not entirely sure why I didn’t get a lot more done on this given that it took the usual 30 minutes but oh well, even in its unfinished state you can tell its trains waiting at a station and. Not much else to say I’m afraid so I’ll leave you with the sketch and move onto getting some more of these uploaded so we can catch up a bit!

Till next time!