686: London Architecture Sketch 3

686: London Architecture Sketch 3


Reference image: Personal Photo

Time taken: 35 minutes

So, this is the last of the sketches that I’ve made from photo’s that I took in London (I have a tendency to accidently forget to actually take any photos while on holiday which is a bit annoying). This was a lovely piece of arch work in a random park somewhere in London (yep, I genuinely have no idea where this is. We spent so long wandering around London on Friday that it could have been in a whole load of different places). I did this one a lot quicker than the previous two days and also in .3 nib rather than the usual .1 nib which appears to have given it a cleaner outcome without the thicker line really affecting the quality of it like I worried it would do, instead giving me a fun and quick little sketch of this lovely ornamental archway.

Till next time!


Day 672: Seaton Clocktower

Day 672: Seaton Clocktower


Reference image: Personal photo

Time Taken: 30 minutes

So, another sketch of a part of my local town and again one that I’ve sketched before, here day 223: Jubliee Tower Seaton. This time were on the opposite side of the tower and its obviously in black and white rather than the previous sketch which was in colour (and a bit garish and bright colour at that). I definitely think it shows that I’ve improved over the last couple of hundred days of sketching, with a much better composed and accurate sketch which took only 30 minutes as opposed to the previous one which I think I spent over an hour on.

I also really like the foliage in this one as I think I managed to make it look like different plants without making it look messy or overbearing and ruining the focus of the sketch which is something that I usually struggle with.

So, I hope you all agree that I’ve improved since the last time I did this sketch and it’s actually quite interesting and fun to redo sketches that I did early on in this blog, so I might ty and do a few more in the future.

Till next time!


Day 419: Treebeard

Day 419: Treebeard


Source: link clicky!

Another day another LOTR sketch this time int he form of the great Ent, Treebeard. Such an interesting and complicated character (despite how slow he is to do anything). I love how gentle and caring he is with the Hobbits then, several days later he completely destroys Isengard (I would spoiler alert, but if you haven’t read or seen the book/film then you probably aren’t going to so nevermind).

As for the sketch again i used the larger nibbed pen (or rather, ball, as I’ve switched from a fibre nib to a rollerball) and I still am preferring it at the moment over the smaller nib. The sketch itself was pretty difficult as the source image was so dark and the definition was a bit hard to see but I think I managed to do an alright job with it. At least you can see a face in it which is the main thing as I was worried throughout the sketch that the face wouldn’t actually be viewable as a face. All told the sketch only took about 30 minutes again so a lot faster than usual (though getting even faster would be nicer).

Anyway, i should probably stop this wall of text for today and leave you all in peace. Hope you enjoy this sketch of Treebeard and I’ll hopefully see you all tomorrow!

Till then!

Day 393: Forest Walk

Day 393: Forest Walk


Source: Personal photo

So, this is another sketch from a photo taken on the walk across Trinity Hill that I’ve done several others from recently, this time showing me walking along the trail with the little one on my back in a carrier (that was actually very useful if slightly hot and heavy, for the walk. At least much more practical than a pushchair and little one seemed to love it). I really liked the photo so got my wife to send me a copy so I could sketch it.

Tried to make sure that I did this one a little bit more sketchy than the ones I have been doing lately, partly because it’s a nature sketch and partly so that I can get faster with these sketches as sometimes they can get a bit laboured and time isn’t as easy to come by as it was when I started the blog.

The outcome of this one though I do really like. I think i managed to get it to look like a forest path and  the figure stands out as it was intended too with at least some definition to the trees on the side of the path. I also like the shadows and am really beginning to understand the importance of the shadows in art and helping ground and really shape the sketches.

So, that’s today’s done. No idea what I will do tomorrow as I need to get some more material to sketch from soon but I’m sure I’ll find something.

Till then!

Day 290: Old gnarled tree

Day 290: Old gnarled tree


Source: Personal photo

So, while going for the same walk that I got the photo of the bear shaped tree stump, we passed this gnarled old tree with a lot of interesting tones and shapes to it, making an interesting sketch opportunity (or at least I thought so).

Really happy with how it came out too. I tried the technique of following the contours of the tree while adding the tone rather than my usual straight line hatching which I think really helped make it look a lot more organic than my usual tree sketches and helped to give it volume. The sky turned out a little bit darker than the reference but at least it’s done with uniform lines that don’t look like I’ve tried to add another texture where there shouldn’t be texture.

All in all, I really enjoyed doing the sketch and the outcome of it. It was quite relaxing as well to be fairly loose with the shading rather than tight like I normally am as I wanted the lines to be irregular and random to a certain extent. It’s also made me want to try and sketch more trees in the future but for the next couple of posts at least, we have some more buildings to look at which hopefully I’ll have time to post tonight after I get back from work. Until then though I’ll leave you with this old tree.

Till then

Day 386: Stumpy​ the bear!

Day 386: Stumpy the bear!


Source: Personal Photo

So the other day we decided to go for a walk in Trinity Woods which are a short drive from us and a place I frequently visited when I was younger with the Cubs and the Scouts. Deciding it would be nice to go for a short walk up there we managed to end up getting a bit lost and ended up walking for several hours as opposed to the short walk we intended to have. Anyway while doing so we passed this really funky looking tree stump at the side of the road that looked a hell of a lot like a bear head as you approached it.

Deciding this would make for a pretty interesting sketch I snapped a photo and, well, sketched it. Hopefully, you can also see the bear head int he stump although I seem to have skewed the perspective a bit somehow though I couldn’t work out how but nevermind I like the outcome of it still.

Right, that’s three posts made today so I’ve caught up a little bit but will have to try and get some more up tomorrow as I’m a bit typed out now.

Till then!

Day 378: Cricket

Day 378: Cricket


Source: Personal photo

So, just as the title suggests, this was a sketch of my attempts at wildlife photography, or more accurately, a quickly taken snapshot of one of the many noisy crickets in our back garden taken while hanging the washing out.

Quite an interesting outcome to the sketch as the background is way darker than what it was in the photo but I needed to figure out how to make the cricket stand out and this was the only way that I could think of doing so. It’s not too bad though as you can still make out the grass and leafs in the background but yes, it’s a bit darker than I would have wanted.

I do like that I managed to get it actually looking like a cricket though as some parts of it were a bit hard to make out in the photo against the leafs and grass (as I suppose the cricket intended). Anyway. as I said I do like it and it was a nice quick sketch to do (although you can’t see it I think it ended up being smaller than A6 for the actual sketch and placed really weirdly on the page, I’m just going with artistic licence)

Right, that’s another day caught up n and I need to go get some sleep now as I have to be up in 5 hours for work. Will be back tomorrow with some more catching up to hopefully do!

Till then!

Day 374: Dragonfly

Day 374: Dragonfly

So, apologies for the delay in getting all of the last few days uploaded. It’s been rather hectic and I only just had time to get all the sketches done let along upload them but I thought I’d get this one uploaded and let you know that I haven’t suddenly stopped doing them and I am up to date with the sketches (just finished day 377) just not with the uploading.

Right, so I have time to get one uploaded tonight so here’s a sketch of a Dragonfly.


Source: Personal picture at Stourhead

So, another Stourhead photo but this time it’s of a Dragonfly on one of the bodies of water there. This little thing flew really close to us and didn’t really seemed phased at all that we were close to it which was good as it allowed me to get some clear photo’s and I thought it would make a good sketch.

Now although I still like the idea of sketching it I think I need to find out a way to effectively cross hatch a large area so it doesn’t look as messy as it does in the above sketch although, you can still kind of make it out as water.

Other than that there’s not really a lot to say. I like the actual dragonfly itself as well as its shadow (it’s the simple things sometimes).

Anyway, as I said I’ve got several more to upload just no time at the moment so I’ll leave you with this one and hopefully be back tomorrow to upload some more (though I do have a really full day so I’m not crossing my fingers).

Till then (hopefully)


Day 371: Ponderosa Pine Landscape, America

Day 371: Ponderosa Pine Landscape, America


Reference: Reference Image

So, i know I said that I would have sketch of the local church for today but I didn’t get up with enough time to actually go and get the photo’s done. Instead, I choose this tiered landscape of some pine tree forest in America to sketch. Choosing it because I wanted to improve on trying to depict distance with fading out gradients.

I think I managed to achieve this though I do think I might need to try and get the cross hatching a bit closer together next time to give it a more cohesive look. Of course, though that would create the problem of darkening the whole sketch so I might have to have a look at the best way to overcome these two issues (Biro lol).

Still, I like the outcome and really enjoyed sketching the trees in the foreground. Scribbling them in was quite relaxing and didn’t really require that much thought. I’m also going to start adding links to any images used for reference that I didn’t take just so you can see what it’s meant to look like and to link you all to some lovely reference images .

So, tomorrow will hopefully be a church provided my son doesn’t keep me up all night again tonight again so I’ll see you all tomorrow.

Till then!