Day 242: Micklegate Bar – York

Day 242: Micklegate Bar – York

Right, we finally get caught back up with this sketch of the Micklegate Bar in the city of York.


Wanting to choose something simple to sketch today (on account of being knackered thanks to the 6am start and then digging a flower bed out) I finally settled on this several hour long sketch, completely ignoring the ‘something simple’ brief. Still I just really liked the look of the image. No idea what it is other than a city gate for the old city walls but it looks lovely so made the cut.

I’m also really happy with how the actual sketch came out. Colours are a bit off (the bricks are mainly a cream colour) but I’m not really that bothered and the actual form looks really drawing came out much better than I thought it would when I started. I just really like the images that have strong, dark shadows in them, breaking up the sun lit areas such as the arches..

Anyway bed calls so I’ll leave you all here. Again I have no idea what I’ll draw tomorrow. It’ll definitely be a building or place but what style, who knows.

So, as usual…..

Till tomorrow!


Day 240: Gert and Herny’s Restaurant – York

Day 240: Gert and Henrys Restaurant – York

Sorry about this being ┬áday late but I was too tired to post it last night. Unfortunately, while I have this one I’m uploading now and today’s (day 241) done. I only have time to upload yesterdays today but will make sure I catch up fully tomorrow.

Anyway yesterday I decided to just draw whatever took my fancy building wise rather than actually pick one that I knew. The chosen one was this old style timber restaurant located in York.


Not sure about any of the history surrounding this building as I drew it just because I liked the look of it, with all its dark timber framing giving it a really old feel that you don’t see that often anymore.

As for the actual drawing I really enjoyed it. The old timbers and general imperfections on the building meant that the sketchy pen lines helped convey the character of the building rather than looking a bit messy as they tend to do with straight line buildings. It was also just a really fun sketch to do and although I didn’t have time to situate the building in its surroundings I still like the outcome especially with the colours that stand out really well on the mainly black and white building.

Anyway that was yesterdays sketch. As I said I’ll have to upload today’s tomorrow as I have to be up at 4:30 to get ready for work so need to get some sleep.

So, I hope you enjoy the sketch and as usual…..

Till tomorrow!