Day 661: Salisbury Station

Day 661: Salisbury Station


Reference image: wikipedia image

Time taken: 35 minutes

So, next stop is the slightly bigger station at Salisbury. The train splits here on the way back from London and you have to make sure your in the front 4 coaches or you end up going to some random place that isn’t one of the stations that I’ve previously sketched (which is something I’ve luckily never managed to do). Loving this view of this train sat at these buffers and the sketch came out really nicely and was a joy to do with the added bonus of being pretty accurate to the actual reference image.

Till next time!


660: Tisbury Station

660: Tisbury Station


Reference image: image reference

Time taken: 30 minutes

Next stop along the line is Tisbury  which is a single line track and station having had the second line removed a while ago. Pretty much standard fare elsewhere on the station with a iron canopy and brick building. Other than that there isn’t much else on the station and, being entirely honest I can never actually remember the line stopping here so don’t know a lot about the station. Made for a nice sketch though so that’s the main thing!

Till next time!

Day 541: Stonehenge

Day 541: Stonehenge


Reference Image: Pintrest linkie!

So, only another 4 to go after this one till were all caught up so we may get there! Anyway for day 541 I choose this image of Stonehenge being really nicely lit up by the sun. I also tried to use a brush pen for this one with the stippling but for anyone who has tried that will know how well it works (not very in case your still confused) so I switched back to fine liner half way through.

Still, the outcome is really nice in my opinion and looking at it, the whole uncontrollability of the brush pen as a stippling tool doesn’t show all that much or affect the image that much so I may try it again and see what happens as I do like the tool. I could probably have done with maybe trying to blend the sun flare a bit better though as its a bit stark in places but never mind, I think it gets the idea across which is the main thing.

Onto the next one!

Till then!

Day 381: Bristol High Cross, Stourton

Day 381: Bristol High Cross, Stourton


Source: Personal Photo (again an artificial photo hence the off colours)

So, here we have what will probably be our final Stourhead sketch, this time of the recently restored Bristol High Cross which, if I read it rightly was originally situated in the market place in Bristol, until they deemed it an obstruction where it was moved to an unused area and eventually sold to the lord of Stourhead). A bit of a random and very detailed monument that admittedly looks a bit out of place where it is, it still makes for a good sketch.

One which outcome I really like, both the foreground tower and the background houses. Looking at it though I may try using a slightly thinner pen to bulk out the focus as this one does seem to look a tiny bit disjointed against its background but that may just be me.

Right, we caught up with some of them at least. Still, another 3 more before were caught up (4 by tomorrow) so we’re not done yet but sleeps calling so I’m going to leave you with these 3 for now and hopefully get some more up tomorrow or the day after.

Till then!

Day 374: Dragonfly

Day 374: Dragonfly

So, apologies for the delay in getting all of the last few days uploaded. It’s been rather hectic and I only just had time to get all the sketches done let along upload them but I thought I’d get this one uploaded and let you know that I haven’t suddenly stopped doing them and I am up to date with the sketches (just finished day 377) just not with the uploading.

Right, so I have time to get one uploaded tonight so here’s a sketch of a Dragonfly.


Source: Personal picture at Stourhead

So, another Stourhead photo but this time it’s of a Dragonfly on one of the bodies of water there. This little thing flew really close to us and didn’t really seemed phased at all that we were close to it which was good as it allowed me to get some clear photo’s and I thought it would make a good sketch.

Now although I still like the idea of sketching it I think I need to find out a way to effectively cross hatch a large area so it doesn’t look as messy as it does in the above sketch although, you can still kind of make it out as water.

Other than that there’s not really a lot to say. I like the actual dragonfly itself as well as its shadow (it’s the simple things sometimes).

Anyway, as I said I’ve got several more to upload just no time at the moment so I’ll leave you with this one and hopefully be back tomorrow to upload some more (though I do have a really full day so I’m not crossing my fingers).

Till then (hopefully)


Day 364: The Popes Cabinet, Stourhead

Day 364: The Popes Cabinet, Stourhead


So, for our final visit to Stourhead we have the Popes Cabinet in one of the rooms of the house. Apparently the oldest surviving example of its type, this cabinet was extremely intricate and detailed.and had been restored in recent years so I thought I would try and get a sketch done as well as I could in pen and ink using multiple layers of pen and water (which isn’t the best way of doing it as it turns out as it tends to make the paper feather after several attempts to get it to run.

Still, I’m really happy with the outcome and I think I managed to get most of the details down despite only using the black pen and washes.

This also marks the penultimate sketch of the first year of me sketching. Got a couple of ideas for tomorrows sketch but not sure yet as to what to definitely do so we’ll have to wait and see.

Till then!

Day 363: Temple Of Apollo, Stourhead

Day 363: Temple Of Apollo, Stourhead


Again another sketch from Stourhead. This time of the Temple Of Apollo located at the back of the garden across the lake from the house (up behind the grotto) A lovely if slightly random Temple at the top of a rather steep hill (seriously, pushing a pushchair up this hill was a killer).

Anyway, I decided to sketch this building mainly to try and see if I could get a convincing tree line in the background with some obvious shadow and different trees. Not sure if I managed this but I’m pretty sure its quite obvious its a treeline. even if it does seem a little bit muddied up.

Still,  I’m happy with the results of the sketch and am loving the gradients you can achieve with just a pen and a waterbrush and wanted to explore this one last time this year (yep, we’re on day 364 tomorrow!) so have another Stourhead (this final one) to upload from today.

Till then!

Day 362: Water God at Stourhead

Day 362: Water God at Stourhead


So today I did a sketch of the other statue that’s in the Grotto at Stourhead. This time one of the Water God (I actually learnt what they are from google, the other one is a Nymph, there also not made of Marble but painted lead though the base is marble). I much prefer this sketch as well as it has a lot more definition than the other one that I did of the two statues in the Grotto.

I also like how the pen and ink take on it has given it a much more impactful look than the biro did (despite what I said about the biro yesterday I do really like this medium. The biro has much more control though).

Anyway again this has taken me a few days to get uploaded so I have a couple more to go to catch us back up so lets leave the Water God here and move onto the next one, which is from Stourhead again.

Till then!

Day 361: Cocktail Campervan

Day 361: Cocktail Campervan.


So, yesterday while we were at Stourhead it seemed that someone was enjoying their wedding day in the courtyard bit where the Spread Eagle Inn was located. However, thanks to this being a national trust place are therefore open to the public we were able to use the courtyard as well for a quick break at the pub.

This is where I noticed that they had a cool little cocktail campervan for wedding guests. Now this was such an awesome idea and looked really cool so I had to take a photo and then sketch it today.

Decided to chuck in the red spot colour with this one as well as the sketch definitely needed it. Was going to do wit with my PITT artist pen but thought that it may have overpowered the biro so went for a red biro instead. Really glad I did choose to add colour as well as I think that it really made the sketch stand out and I like the use of a single spot colour so you may see more of it in the future.

As for the actual sketch, I really like how it came out and how the campervan looks. Sure some bits might be a bit small but I’m not at all bothered as I really like how it came out.

Anyway, that’s us caught up once again. Got a load more Stourhead photos so will probably be something from there again for tomorrow but honestly, I’m not too sure,

Till then!