Day 1002: Arriva Wales Class 158

Day 1002: Arriva Wales Class 158


Reference Image: pinterest link!

Another train sketch with another request this time for a Arrive Wales Class 158. One of the few trains that I’ve sketched that I’ve actually been on (though admittedly in South West Trains livery) as they run on the local train line to London.  Another train sketch that I’m pretty happy with as well!

Till next time!


Day 552: French Tower, France

Day 552: French Tower, France


 Reference image: Pintrest linkie!

So, this random tower in the middle of a lake really caught my eye todays while browsing for inspiration. Really nice building, though I’ve no idea what it was actually used for, though it may just have been decorative as I can’t see it being fit for any other use but, this is beside the point as I just really liked the image.

Luckily, I’m pretty happy with the sketch too though I think I may have made it a bit dark in places but I’m pretty happy with how the water came out. Anyway I’m sorry but apparently I’ve decided that falling asleep is a good idea so I’ll have to cut this blog post short and see you all tomorrow.

Till then!

Day 532: Menai bridge and boathouse, Wales

Day 532: Menai bridge and boathouse, Wales


Reference image: pintrest linkie!

So, in case you all hadn’t worked it out by looking at the above sketch, I switched back to biro for this one. No real reason as to why I just felt like a bit of a change with it and decided to just grab the nearby biro and go for it with this lovely image of this pretty spectacular bridge overlooking this small house in Wales.

Really happy with how this one came and much prefer it to the ones that I have been sketching lately. I think deep down I just love the whole old style pen and ink approach to illustration and although I love using the brush pen and its quick this just makes me a lot more pleased with the result.

The only thing is that I don’t want to sketch in biro for afore mentioned longevity and fading issues so will have to try fine liners again.

Stupid biro!

Till then!