Day 937: Venice Morning

Day 937: Venice Morning


Reference image: pinterest link!

Found this lovely little view of Venice and some of the many gondolas that you can find plying the waterways. Really loved the look of the buildings and the boats in the water with the strong shadows in it. Might have accidently messed up the perspective in places but I still really like the boats and the right hand side of the buildings and hope you lot do too!

Till next time!


Day 347: Basilica De Santa Maria del Frari, Venice

Day 347: Basilica De Santa Maria del Frari, Venice


So were back in Venice for today’s sketch with another one of the many churches there, this time, the Basilica De Santa Maria del Frari. I choose this one mainly because I liked the way the photo was composed with the trees in the foreground creating a sort of frame and different look for a Venitian church without the usual waterside.

I also did this one in biro as I got a bit carried away using it while doing the usual biro under sketch and just thought, what the hell, let’s just go with it and not use any of the usual fineliner which I think has given the lovely church a much more blended appearance ( I really would use biros solely if it wasn’t for the whole lightfastness issue which is a shame).

Anyway, medium aside I really liked the subject and the way that the sketch came out. Again I did try and get something down a bit quicker than I usually do and again I failed as I went with a rather heavily detailed buildings but nevermind, I had the time and the result was nice so there we go.

Got to head out into town tomorrow for some stuff so might try and get something from there to draw for tomorrow but we’ll have to see.

Till then!

Day 345: The Basilica Di San Marco, Venice

Day 345: The Basilica Di San Marco, Venice


So  after playing around with the new amusement park game that I got last week, I decided to try and build a Venice area in it and started looking at the architecture styles in Venice where I found this church and well, decided it would make a good daily sketch.

Really nice looking church as well with its grand romanesque facade (which makes sense seeing as it’s an Italian city and Italian building. Must be a right pain to maintain a building this grand in Venice though what with the whole constant water erosion thing but hey, that’s the price for building a city on a lake.

Anyway, I quite like the outcome of the sketch. I think I may have gone a bit heavy with the linework but it looks like the building which is the main thing. I also like the fact that I managed to get most of the relief and details down without it taking me all day to sketch which is always useful. I just wish I had more knowledge in creating more depth and definition.

Anyway I’ve got to get to work so I hope you all like this rather grand church and I’ll see you all tomorrow (hopefully)!

Till then!