Day 766: Steam and Snow

Day 766: Steam and Snow


Reference image: Sorry, I’ve lost the tab that I had for this image. I know it was from Pinterest though.

Time taken: 35 minutes

So, another steam train for day 766, this time one steaming through the snow past this old barn (or some such building). Quite a nice image with the barn and the trees framing the locomotive well and the steam billowing about and I really enjoyed sketching it. Pretty sure I also promised my son that I’ve do him a sketchbook full of trains whilst drawing this too, because, you know, I don’t struggle enough keeping up with this sketchbook and blog!

Till next time!



Day 563: Hidden Barn

Day 563: Hidden Barn


Reference image: pinterest linkie

So, back to the old style subjects today with another barn, This time this lovely arch shaped one secluded in some trees. Pretty simple sketch subject with a  very focused centre to it that was fun and quick to sketch. Pretty happy with the sketch, especially the sky and the little inside bit at the bottom. Unfortunately, again I don’t have much else to say about the sketch so I’ll leave it here for tonight and hopefully see y9ou all for tomorrow!

Till then!

Day 554: Pipes

Day 554: Pipes


Reference image: Pinterest linkie!

(apologies for the colour of the above image. My kitchen lightbulb really hates me taking photos lol)

So, were back with industry for day 554. This was the image I was originally going to sketch when I did the Steel mill sketch (Day 544: Old Steel Corporation) and I wanted something that should be relatively quick and easy to sketch so I went back to it for day 554. Quite a fun sketch that came out pretty nicely with a bit of artistic license used as well (mainly due to bad sketch layout but we’ll just ignore that). I really lie how the pipe cam out and think I succeeded in making them the focal point of the sketch.

As mentioned in the last entry, I will try to get caught up tonight so hopefully I’ll be back later with day 555.

Till then!



Day 553: Shoal Creek Living Museum

Day 553: Shoal Creek Living Museum


Reference image: pinterest linkie!

So for the sketch a couple of days ago I choose the lovely image of what I assume is a old water wheel driven mill located at the Shoal Creek living museum. Really loved the reference image in particular the water wheel and thought I’d give sketching it a go. Luckily I had a bit of time to get a bit more than just the water wheel sketched and managed to finish the whole building which was nice.

Really like how the sketch came out as well especially the actual waterwheel which is the main part so it was nice that it came out well. I still think I need to be a bit more forceful with tones rather than trying to emulate the reference image completely.

Anyway I’ve got a few more days to go to get us caught up again as I need to make sure that I don’t fall behind too badly again so expect a couple more today at least.

Till then!

Day 551: Farmhouse and Barn

Day 551: Farmhouse and Barn


Reference image: Pintrest linkie!

So, this one was actually pretty much finished tot he stage where I’d want it to be. Quite a nice and interesting barn with a lot of different shapes joined together in it to give the overall structure with the farm fields in front. I unfortunately accidently squashed the building a little bit when compared to the reference image, but never mind, its only noticeable when you know what the reference image looks like and I’m still pretty happy with the actual sketch so let’s get todays uploaded!

Till then!

Day 547: Pull up a stool!

Day 547: Pull up a stool!


Reference image: Pintrest linkie!

So, a new book today and as I mentioned yesterday, I’m still feeling the architecture and still life vibe rather than the whole portraits vibe so I’m going to stick with architecture and related stuff for a while. With this in mind I needed the obligatory entrance page for my new sketchbook and found this cool Saloon door to fit the bill.

Pretty simple sketch really that I’ve done with stippling. Tried to add some other techniques into the sketch as well such as cross hatching in the hope of finding a way to get these stippled (mostly) styled sketches done quicker than they are currently. Quite like the outcome as well though its definitely not as refined as yesterdays boat but I suppose that’s the toss up with less time needed.

Anyway that’s the start of the new sketch book done. Got a few more pictures from Lyme to see if I can sketch from so expect to see them in the next couple of days but other than that. Have a drink on me!

Till then!

Day 544: Old Steel Corporation

Day 544: Old Steel Corporation


Reference image: Pintrest linkie!

So, rather amazingly were actually on yesterday’s sketch. Yup, we’ve nearly caught up!

Anyway we have a bit of a random sketch for yesterday in the form of this old Steel plant in the US (or at least I assume its in the US). Quite a detailed image that I just loved the look of what with all its industrial parts and the brutal functionality of it (as opposed to the recent stream of quaint countryside villages) and just thought it would make a nice sketch.

Now it’s definitely safe to say that I took some artistic licence cuts with this as anyone that glances at the train tracks will be able to tell but nevermind, the actual Steel Mill came out really nicely (plus I was watching/playing with my one year old son at the time so that’s my excuse). The sky was also a bit of an experiment for me with attempts at stippling to represent the sky and the light areas, the clouds. Not sure it came across completely so may have to work on that but it’s as good or better than any of the other attempts I’ve made at a pen and ink sky.

Right so were now a whole day away from catching up! Seeing as it would seem a shame to not get that done tonight let’s swiftly move on!

Till then!

Day 518: No longer Worshipped

Day 518: No longer Worshipped


Reference image: This was a bit annoying as it was a random guys website that I really wanted to link to but as with the others, I’ve lost the page so sorry about that.

So, I may have been incorrect yesterday in saying that that was the last sketch done with the felt tip brush pen as I think this one may have been instead. Quite a random one here, not sure how I found it but I know it was some guys website who took the pictures randomly after passing this church on a road trick. Really liked how desolate the image looked with the telephone lines disappearing into the distance and not much else around apart from the church.

Really liked the sketch at the end as well and it was fun to do, especially the grass and the foreground which came out nicely  (quite a random thing to like mind you but oh well, there you go!). Anyway not much else to say. Again I’m not going to be uploading two today but at least were not getting any further behind!

Till then!

Day 517: Old House

Day 517: Old House


Reference image: Unfortunately this was one of the tabs that were lost so apologies for that> I can’t even remember what site this was on either so my bad.

so this day was the last of the ones done with the felt tip pen as my new pen arrived shortly after I had finished this sketch. Just basically a random old house (though I think I saw it labelled as a old school somewhere). Probably the most detailed of the sketches that I have done with a brush nib and one of the more time consuming ones.

Pretty happy with the actual outcome but the sketch definitely didn’t excite me as much as the last couple did with all the still life things. To be honest, I think I may have gone a bit to detailed for the mood I was in that day but no worries, I still like the outcome. Only got time to upload this one today so will see you all tomorrow where hopefully I ‘ll have more time to upload blogs for you all!

Till then!