Day 1001: EMD F3

Day 1001: EMD F3 


Reference image: pinterest link!

So, to start off the next 1000 sketches we have, surprisingly enough, a train sketch. This time this American locomotive which was another request on a discord channel I’m a member of. Love the look of these engines and really liked how the sketch came out even though I do wish it was easier to see what was on the nose of the train as it came out a bit busy in that area. Still, definitely one of the better locomotive sketches I have on here and a good way to start off the next 1000!

Till next time!


Day 988: EMD SW1500, Pennsylvania

Day 988: EMD SW1500, Pennsylvania


Reference image: pinterest link!

When it comes to trains I have a bit of a soft spot for all the small shunting engiens that can be found working in the freight yards, moving trucks and carriages around and forming the trains up for the bigger locos to haul away so enjoyed doing this small sketch of one pushing some wagons up a track!

Till next time!

Day 976: Unusual Road Traffic

Day 976: Unusual Road Traffic


Reference image: pinterest link!

Loved this really unusual image of a train travelling down the middle of the street. Something I’ve yet to see in the UK so very unusual and interesting. A bit annoying that it came out pretty faintly but still like the sketch and the actual scene.

Till next time!

Day 969: CB8Q 167 EMD F7(A)

Day 969: CB8Q 167 EMD F7(A)


Reference image: pinterest link!

Another US train sketch for you all (because apparently you can never have enough trains) with this CB8Q 167 EMD F7(A). Quite a nice looking train that I thought would make a nice sketch (plus my son wanted me to sketch another train) and am pretty happy with the outcome of it!

Till next time!

Day 943: Forest Road

Day 943: Forest Road


Reference image: pinterest link!

Loved this sketch and the actual reference image. Really simple but I just like how it came out as I always struggled with tryignt o emulate a road receding into the distance. Do kind of wish that I’d put a bit more tone in for the background mountain range but other than that I’m happy with it!

Till next time!

Day 935: Abandoned Mansion

Day 935: Abandoned Mansion


Reference image: pinterest link!

Edit: Apologises for the slightly blurry image

More buildings but this time a bit more grand and over the top in the form of this old and abandoned mansion which looks more like a temple than an actual mansion. Especially liked the grand staircase in the front of the building and the overgrown and ruined look to it. Not much else to say really, didn’t really learn anything new from this one just enjoyed the sketching!

Till next time!

Day 909: No longer in service

Day 909: No longer in service


Reference image: pinterst link

Loved this photo I found of some old trains abandoned outside their depot in the US somewhere so just had to sketch it. Quite an interesting sketch where I decided to really try and make it focussed on one part rather than the whole thing, which, if you cant tell is the train. Not much else to say other than being really happy with the sketch in general and liking the focused look to it.

Till next time!

Day 907: Old Gas Station

Day 907: Old Gas Station


Reference image: pinterest link!

Now this one was a really nice subject and I love the outcome of it. Pretty simple subject with some nice points of interest in it like the gas pump on the side of it and the bench out the front, just really like how it came out. Not much else to say though, hope you guys like it as well!

Till next time!

Day 883: Snow Covered Church

Day 883: Snow Covered Church


Reference image: pinterest link!

Time taken: 65 minutes

Another more involved sketch for today (though I have included all the time that I managed to get distracted by the youtube video playing in the background so it might not have taken that long overall) of this snow covered church. Loved the look of the snow on the roof and just like churches in general (though I bet you hadn’t guessed that already from the rest of the blog lol) and the dark trees in the background offering contrast. Trying to get better with my tones with these sketches at the moment so let me know if you guys have any tips or think I’m doing it wrong!

Till next time!