Day 555: Swallows Nest, Ukraine

Day 555: Swallows Nest, Ukraine


Reference image: Pinterest linkie!

So, apologies again for the tanned photo quality. Apparently my phone really does want me to sketch in a tanned sketchbook.

Anyway for day 555, I found this stunning looking castle high atop a Cliffside in the Ukraine (if you have a look at the reference image you’ll notice that the cliff is a whole lot higher than my sketch would lead you to believe). Overall I quite like the sketch though I think that I may have chosen to go for a scale that was a bit too small to get the needed definition into the sketch. also the sky didn’t exactly turn out how I had planned but nevermind, you learn from your mistakes (or at least I hope I will).

So, got two more to go until were caught up again but that’s better than usual so I’m happy.

Till then!