Day 1005: Old Acid Truck

Day 1005: Old Acid Truck


Reference image: Personal Photo

So, a little while back now we took our son to have a look at one of the Yeovil Railway Centre open days where they had some activities there mainly for children but also a short ride on the old local branch there. Anyway, I managed to get a few photos of the day including this one of an old acid container wagon (or at least I think it said acid truck on the side, not entirely sure). Quite a nice little truck sat there on a siding, I just wish that I’m given a bit more contrast to the actual sketch. Might come back and try again at some point though.

Till next time!


Day 997: Class 143 Pacer DMU

Day 997: Class 143 Pacer DMU


Reference image: pinterest link!

Back to the trains with another request form the discord server, this time this Pacer DMU. Basically a bus on the railway  tracks for anyone who doesn’t know what a Pacer is. Never been on one in real life but I hear they can be quite bumpy. Anyway, another little sketch that I quite like the outcome of and the person requesting it was happy!

Till next time!

Day 980: Class 421

Day 980: Class 421


Reference image: pinterest link

Another request and another train, this time a EMU (Electric Multiple Unit), powered by a third rail, set in the tracks . This one is currently not in service but is wearing my local livery of the South West Trains. Other than that not much else to say about it so on to the next sketch!

Till next time!


Day 979: Voyager Train

Day 979: Voyager Train


Reference image: pinterest link

More trains, this time a Virgin Voyager DEMU (Diesel Electric multiple Unit) in this case in a Virgin Trains livery. This was another request form the discord server as well and again made for a lovely little sketch (I think its safe to say I might be developing a fondness for trains) though I do have a bit of a soft spot for the signals in the sketch of this one.

Till next time!

Day 978: Silverlink Class 150/1 at Bletchley Station

Day 978: Silverlink Class 150/1 at Bletchley Station


Reference image: pinterest link!

Another train request this time of a 150/1 Diesel Sprinter Multiple Unit with the silverlink livery, in this case stopped at Bletchley Station. Quite a nice little unit that was used a lot by British Rail when it was first introduced but has now been widely replaced and a nice little train to sketch.

Till next time!

Day 895: Forrest Steps ‘Take 2’

Day 895: Forrest Steps ‘Take 2’


Reference image: pinterest link!

Right, this is a bit of a repeat form a few years ago where I posted a sketch of the same subject (which I’ll just post at the end of this post so I don’t have to go find it). Definitely  takes longer doing stippling than using a brush pen (as I did in the original) as I only got the stairs done and none of the surroundings but I think it still came out better for what’s there. Might be a slightly biased towards the method of execution though I’m not sure. Guess you guys will have to judge!

Till next time!

Here’s the old one


Day 870: Bridging the stream

Day 870: Bridging the stream


Reference image: pinterest link!

Time taken: 30 minutes

Another little sketch of a random scene of a stream with a bridge made of stone over it (they have a name but I can’t remember what it is I’m afraid). Liked the view of the scene receding into the background but unfortunately I don’t think I managed to capture the faded background very well at all.

The foreground came out pretty nicely though so I’m happy with it for the most part and I like the bridge and shadows in it and think that overall the receding scene is better than the ones I’ve done in the past so I must be learning something which in my opinion makes it a successful sketch!

This also helps as it makes me like a sketch that I don’t think worked very well for the fact that I learnt from it (or from the previous ones and have used it here but I think you get my point) and that is a nice way of looking at sketches that you might look at badly otherwise.

Rambled a bit there but I think it makes sense.

Till next time!

Day 820: Old Thatched Cottage

Day 820: Old Thatched Cottage


Reference image/blog: Short Finals wordpress blog!

Time taken: 35 minutes

So, inspired by watching this guy stream last night twtich link and he was drawing in a non line drawing way (basically he was drawing without outlining) so I decided that I would give todays sketch that treatment. Wanted to try a old cottage again as well and found this lovely image from a blog here on wordpress that I really loved and went for it.

Definitely happy that I did as I love this one. Sure, it could be a bit more defined but I love how light it looks and how more like a traditional pen and ink sketch it is than the usual stuff I do so will have to make sure I do more like it!

Till next time!

Day 802: SW8 Construction ‘Alton Towers

Day 802: SW8 Construction ‘Alton Towers


Reference image: RCDB linkie!

Time taken: 25 minutes

So, this is the current project that Alton Towers has underway in the form of a wooden coaster (which isn’t named yet). Nothing much else to say about it other than that though. Skethc is pretty messy but I expected that with sketching a wooden coaster to be honest and I think I managed to represent it pretty well. Were also now all caught up again so that’s also good news!

Till next time!