Day 541: Stonehenge

Day 541: Stonehenge


Reference Image: Pintrest linkie!

So, only another 4 to go after this one till were all caught up so we may get there! Anyway for day 541 I choose this image of Stonehenge being really nicely lit up by the sun. I also tried to use a brush pen for this one with the stippling but for anyone who has tried that will know how well it works (not very in case your still confused) so I switched back to fine liner half way through.

Still, the outcome is really nice in my opinion and looking at it, the whole uncontrollability of the brush pen as a stippling tool doesn’t show all that much or affect the image that much so I may try it again and see what happens as I do like the tool. I could probably have done with maybe trying to blend the sun flare a bit better though as its a bit stark in places but never mind, I think it gets the idea across which is the main thing.

Onto the next one!

Till then!

Day 531: Age croft Cemetery Chapel

Day 531: Age croft Cemetery Chapel


Reference image: pintrest linkie!

So another old style building for day 531, but not a lighthouse this time, instead its a old Chapel found here in the UK. I choose the image because of how big I imagined it being and ornate for a cemetery chapel.

Really like the sketch and trying to get all the details in it. Ironically enough coming form the previous day the foliage didn’t really work al that well here and probably could have done with more of a contrast to it even if it wasn’t completely what the reference looked like. I just need to learn that I can be a bit creative with some of the elements when doing these and that they don’t have to be picture perfect in tonal values.

So, onwards again as we try and catch up with day 538!

Till then!

Day 524: Awaiting a signal!

Day 524: Awaiting a signal!


Reference image: reference image from flicker

so and building no longer in use (though in considerable y better state than the windmill) this little signal box was really nice and caught my eye so that I had to sketch it.

Pretty happy with this one, especially the left hand side of it and how the foliage that surrounds it came out as I think it really helps to make the rest of the sketch stand out (or rather make the subject stand out) Overall it could probably do with a bit more detail but then again I like the results so I’m happy.

So that’s another two down so its time to get some sleep and I’ll see you all tomorrow!

Till then!