Day 279: Hagia Sophia, Istandbul, Turkey

Day 279: Hagia Sophia, Istandbul, Turkey

Today’s sketch takes us away from massive walls in China and instead dumps us outside a huge temple in Istanbul in the form of the Hagia Sophia.


Firstly I apologise for the camera strap that might have creeped into the bottom of the picture but ignoring that I really like this sketch. originally when I decided to do it I didn’t think it would work at all as I thought that I wouldn’t have enough time to do it as its quite a detailed subject and my lovely son decided to wake up and need a feed half way through it.

Still I managed to finish it and produce a nice bright sketch that I’m pretty happy with. Its a bit of a shame that I didn’t managed to fit one of the minarets in the picture but oh well. I also took some liberties with some of the colours as I didn’t have the correct ones or couldn’t really make out what colours they were meant to be (mainly this was with the domed roofs but also in a couple of other places)..

Anyway as i said above other than that I really liked the sketch and am pleased with how it came out. No idea where we will be tomorrow though no doubt it’ll be another monument. Not sure how much time I’ll have tomorrow though as we have a hospital appointment for little one and then I have work so may need to find a rather simple monument.

Anyway I’ll stop waffling on and leave you with the Hagia Sophia till I have tomorrows sketch ready to upload (well hopefully).

Till then!