Day 520: Tbilisi

Day 520: Tbilisi


Reference image: second one down in this thread

So, were now back at the point where I actually have the references open still in tabs on my browser so should be able to give full credit to each of them from now on starting¬† with this image from the city of Tbilisi, the capital city of Georgia. Quite an interesting place from the images that I’ve seen of it with a loot of varied architecture which, to be honest I assumed was Asian to start off with.

Anyway I really liked this image as the style of the house seems quite removed from the type of the church behind it and it just made for an interesting image. Again this was done with the brush pen and I think shows a bit of an improvement over the day before sketch. At least I’m a lot more happier with this one than I was with day 519 so that’s the main thing.

Anyway we need to move on swiftly as I’ve fallen behind with trying to post two a day so would like to start catching up again so on to the next one!

Till then!