Day 334: Clarks Village, Street

Day 334: Clarks Village, Street

So today we have a break from the normal portraits that I’ve been doing lately with a sketch from Clarks Village where we went today.


Pretty nice little place for shopping that has grown a lot since the last time I visited as a kid (like a hell of a lot)witha ¬†load more outlets for you get some cheap deals on clothes, cookware and other stuff (theres some cheap Cadbury choclate there as well). It’s also got some lovely architecture and is reall nicely looked after as well which makes a change formt he large scale shopping malls like Cribb’s Causeway and the nomral high street.

Anywya I liked the entrance so much that I sketched it and really enoyed the sketcha s it had been a while since I did a building. The tones are also quite nice in it and you can make out details which I was worried you wouldn’t be able to. All in all a successful sketch.

Anyway were now all cuaht up which is nice and I should have plenty of time to sketch and point tomorrow so I’ll see you then!

Till then!