Day 902: Aurello Murillo, Seville, Spain

Day 902: Aurello Murillo, Seville, Spain


Reference image: pinterest link!

So, this was just a random suggestion in Pinterest that caught my eye in the feed of the house from the day before. really liked the crowning on the top of this building and the weird way that the balcony was supported from above rather than below. Quite a fun and quick little sketch as well which I’m really happy with the outcome of. Wished I’d had a bit more time to do some more of the surrounding buildings for it though to try and place it better but no worries, its still a nice sketch!

Till next time!


Day 901: Telmo Pavillion, Seville, Spain

Day 901: Telmo Pavillion, Seville, Spain


Reference image: pinterest link!

Apologies once again for falling behind but I’ve been getting a bit distracted with other stuff at the moment and really need to get back on top of posting these up. Anyway this is another building in Seville, Spain, with, once again the very colourful and decorative styling that, for the above reasons, caught my eye. Also loved the towers on it and how it was just stood there sticking out. Bit of a hard one to stipple though as it turned out, though I think that was down to struggling with the building proportions and structure. Still I think I managed to get there in the end and am happy with it so it’s all good!

Till next time!

Day 900: Random Building, Seville, Spain

Day 900: Random Building, Seville, Spain


Reference image: pinterest link!

So, Yay! for reaching day 900, only 100 away from that 1000 days which is pretty awesome and amazing as I didn’t think this would last anywhere near this long. Anyway for day 900 I kind of didn’t realise what day it was when I choose the subject and picked up this funky looking building to sketch. Still, I like the subject and the outcome of the sketch is nice so I’m really not worrying about it. Just need to actually remember when I get close to 1000 to choose something interesting and special to sketch!

Till next time!

Day 899: Colomares Castle, Benalmadena, Spain

Day 899: Colomares Castle, Benalmadena, Spain


Reference image: pinterest link!

Now this was a lovely little temple or castle type structure (not actually that sure) that was on the suggested feed in Pinterest that I just had to sketch. Lovely arches and turrets and some really detailed architecture make it a really nice (if somewhat odd) structure to look at in my opinion and, as such, I’m really happy that the sketch came out pretty nicely as well, though it did take a little longer as its done in a 0.1 nib.

Till next time!

Day 898: Saint Climent de Taull, Spain

Day 898: Saint Climent de Taull, Spain


Reference image: pinterst link!

So, back to sketching buildings which, as a plus generally look like what they are menat to look like unlike the previous days sketch. Anyway, really like the scale of the tower on this building compared to the other bit of it and also the detailing on the tower compared to the main building so thought I would give it a go, quite liking the outcome from it, especially the focus part of the tower.

Till next time!

Day 897: Tazores, Spain (I think I titled it wrong in the sketch)

Day 897: Tazores, Spain (I think I titled it wrong in the sketch)


Reference image: pinterest link!

Right, so apparently this type of sketch doesn’t work all that well either, much like the waterfall ones. Its meant to be a overview of a small town that I think, is in Spain rather than Austria as I’ve titled the sketch. Liked the view and wanted to see if stippling would be good for this sort of subject. Turns out, either the answer is no, or I really need to work on the subject matter. Either way I’m not that worried to be honest, I liked doing the sketch and if you really look at it you can make out some of the landmarks in the reference. Honest..

Till next time!

Day 896: Seville, Spain

Day 896: Seville, Spain


Reference: pinterest link!

Another lovely scene of the reflective river running through the town of Seville for yesterdays sketch with these really nice looking bridges spanning it. Another sketch as well that I ‘m happy with how they came out, especially loving the lights and how well they stand out against the rest of the image and the buildings in the background. Turns out it really is the simple things in life!

Till next time!

Day 894: Puente Nuevo, Ronda, Spain

Day 894: Puente Nuevo, Ronda, Spain 


Reference image: pinterst link!

So, from one sketch that didn’t turn out brilliant to one that I really like. Love the whole setting of this scene and city in Spain with its huge bridge across the chasm into town with the old buildings in the background. Really think this one came out really nicely as well and is probably my favourite one of the recent ones that I’ve done, even if, contrast, which I’m usually all over isn’t as strong as some of the other architecture ones in it.

Till next time!

Day 892: Valverde de Los Arroyos, Spain

Day 892: Valverde de Los Arroyos, Spain


Reference image: pinterst link!

A lovely little scene from a small town in Spain for day 892 which went a lot better than the waterfall the previous day. I think I definitely prefer sketching and drawing buildings to anything else and I think the style works perfectly with them. Anyway I quite like how I was a bit loose with texture and seem to have gone with exaggerating the values on the sides of the buildings a little bit instead in this and I think it makes the sketch work quite well!

Till next time!