Day 924: Small Diesel Engine

Day 924: Small Diesel Engine


Reference image: Personnel photo

So, another train for day 924. Was deleting some old photo’s on my phone when I came across this old, little diesel shunter which was in a siding along the Santa by Rail route that we had been on before Christmas (can’t remember the station it starts at but I know the route goes to Kingswear down Dartmouth). Was quite surprised I hadn’t sketched it already and enjoyed doing this one.

Till next time!



Day 671: Water Tower, South Devon Railway

Day 671: Water Tower, South Devon Railway


Reference photo: Personal photo

Time taken: 20 minutes

So, this was a quick sketch that I managed to get done of the water tower that’s at the South Devon Railway Buckfastleigh station (the one that I’ve done a load of sketches from a little while ago). Just found it on my phone and thought it would make a nice quick easy subject to sketch. I was meant to actually spend longer on it and get some more of the background in, but my son woke up and I decided to just leave it as it was in the end as I quite liked where it was at and didn’t really think adding more stuff would necessarily make it look any better. Hopefully a choice that you lot will agree with!

Till next time!

Day 630: South Devon Railway, Dumbleton Hall Locomotive

Day 630: South Devon Railway, Dumbleton Hall Locomotive


Reference image: Personal photo

Time taken: 30 minutes

So, this as another of the locomotives that is found sat on the sidings at the Buckfastliegh sheds. Really nice looking engine though I’d imagine that it was a bit overkill for the length of the line and what it had to pull so would probably not be that efficient. Still, I loved the size of it compared to the rest of the engines there  (it’s longer than this appears as well as I accidently squished the sketch a bit in the boiler length) and had to get a photo and sketch of it which I hope you all enjoy!

Till next time!

Day 629: South Devon Railway GWR 0-6-0PT 1361

Day 629: South Devon Railway GWR 0-6-0PT 1361


Reference image: Personal Photo

Time taken: 35 minutes

So, another SDR sketch of another of the Locomotives that are used at the SDR, this one in particular is a old freight yard shunting unit that was being used on the day to pull the train that we took, doing a lovely job. Quite a small train in comparison to the one that I sketched the other day and the one that’s upcoming but still a nice little train and in very good shape and made for a well focused and pleasant sketch.

Till next time!

Day 628: South Devon Railway (Buckfastliegh St)

Day 628: South Devon Railway (Buckfastliegh St)


reference image: Personal Photo

Time taken: 40 minutes

Another sketch from the SDR (South Devon Railway), this time showing the lovely station and the sidings that can be seen if you turn around from the sketch yesterday (I think that makes sense, basically this is the other end of the station that we looked at yesterday). Got some lovely engines here as well with the one from a few days ago seen to the left of the centre besides the signal post and one that you’ll see in the future to the right.

The station is also in a really nice place with the trees behind it and made for a lovely and really enjoyable sketch. As with yesterday though, I just wish that I could have done the sketch on site. Anyway I hope you lot also enjoy this as much as me and these SDR sketches in general!

Till next time!

Day 627: Buckfastliegh Signal Box

Day 627: Buckfastliegh Signal Box


Reference image: Personal photo

Time taken: 30 minutes

So, as I said we would be in day 626’s blog, were still with the South Devon Railway but this time looking towards the line as it leaves the Buckfastliegh terminal and begins its journey. This station (as well as having a underpass for road traffic access to the carpark), has one of the classic iron bridges over the track and the old style wooden signal box.

Really liked the view of it so thought I would sketch it but can’t help but feel that although it looks like its meant to, its a bit too busy but nevermind, at least I got the details into it.

Till next time!

Day 626: South Devon Railway, Locomotive

Day 626: South Devon Railway, Locomotive


Reference image: Personal photo

Time taken: 35 minutes

So, its turns out that our lovely son (who’s now 16 months old!) loves trains (or Whoo Whoo’s as he calls them) so, we decided at the weekend to take him down to the South Devon Railway where they have a load of old locomotives and rolling stock that runs a old branch line that’s now privatised between Buckfastliegh and Totnes (where it meets a mainline station). Anyway he loved the whole day and looking at and riding on the trains and I managed to get a load of photos to sketch so expect them over the next few blog posts, starting with this one.

Now I’m not sure what the train actually is as I can’t find it listed on the website so I’m assuming its a relatively new locomotive that they’ve picked up. Anyway, I loved the look of it being quite fond of the old diesel haulage locomotives and think that I did the train justice in the sketch and it was fun to do, trying to get all the undercarriage details in, in the time limit (which I went over a bit on but nevermind).

So, I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did sketching it. Just wish sometimes that I could do these on site rather than from photos but keeping the little one occupied is more important!

Till next time!