Day 658: Templecombe Railway St

Day 658: Templecombe Railway St


Reference image

Time taken: 30 minutes

So, next stop along the way is Templecombe station which has a different look to the other in that the station building looks quite art noveau (not that you can really see much of that from the sketch other than the rounded roof) with its flat and rounded roofs.

Had to use a image from the station platform showing another of the 1 point perspective views that I seem to have become quite fond of with these railway station sketches. Interestingly one of my favourite bits of this sketch is the faded and very losselyt suggested cars in the carpark to the right of the image. Its also funny quite how the two sides contrast with the very dark station building side and very faded carpark side,

Anyway enough waffling from me, another sketch which I enjoyed and I hope you lot will do to!

Till next time!

Day 656: Yeovil Junction, Yeovil

Day 656: Yeovil Junction, Yeovil


Reference view: google streetview

Time taken: 30 minutes

So, this was about the best streetview that I could get of Yeovil Junction, which is ironic seeing as its one of the bigger stations on the line but nevermind seeing as it’s a lovely little bridge with some nice design on it. Thankfully the sketch came out really nicely as well which is cool and the brush pen was definitely a good choice in my opinion in defining the shadow areas.

Till next time!

Day 395: renovating the library

Day 395: renovating the library


Source: Personal Photo

So, were back in Stourhead for one last time with this sketch of the left side of the building with the library currently undergoing some sort of renovation work. Not really much else to say about the photo really. It was a different angle as I had already done the front of the building (way back in the first month of doing this blog I think).

I tried to copy the style of the previous day and then got a bit carried away with several other techniques including an attempt at a Franklin Booth inspired sky which I think worked but didn’t really seem to gel with the rest of the sketch too well. Maybe down to several different styles being used at once in it but oh well, it doesn’t look all that bad and it actually has a sky that doesn’t look all that bad overall which is nice.

So, that’s probably the last sketch we’ll have from Stourhead for a while at least as I’ve exhausted my supply of photo references. Still, I have several more sketches to upload as once again I’ve fallen behind so let’s move right on.

Till then!

Day 369: Stourhead, Lake

Day 369: Stourhead, Lake


So for today we return to Stourhead just because I wanted to try a landscape scene and the closest one to hand was this one that I took of the lake at Stourhead (interestingly enough, stood in front of the afore sketched Temple of Apollo, proving that it was indeed at the top of a really steep path totally not suited to a pushchair)..

Really liked the view from the top, with the peaceful lake surrounded by the heavily treed estate grounds. The sketch is also my best landscape one to date, with the tree lines actually looking like treelines. I think I could probably have afforded to have gone a bit darker with some of the extreme highlights on the left-hand side but other than that I really liked the outcome of the sketch.

It’s also made me really want to try some more landscape sketches so I’ll probably have a look around if see if I can find any for tomorrows sketch so if you have ideas let me know and feel free to post suggestions.

Till then!

Day 358: Lytes Cary Manor, Chapel Window

Day 358: Lytes Cary Manor, Chapel Window


So today I did another sketch of Lytes Cary Manor, this time of the window to the Chapel that was all overgrown with plants and just created a scene that I really liked the look of. Quite a fun little sketch as well and due to the messy nature of, well, nature, I could be rather quick and free flowing with it with a lot of the marks not really making any sense while I was laying them down but helping (I hope) to create a sense of actual overgrown foliage.

The results are pretty nice as well. Sure. the foliage around the window is a bit flat in places but overall I’m happy with the results, especially the window itself.

I’ve still got a couple of photos from the place so you might see another one tomorrow but I think I’ll do another sketch from Axminster or a flower that I photographed today.

Till then!

Day 357: Lytes Cary Manor, Somerton

Day 357: Lytes Cary Manor, Somerton


So today we visited the national Trust property, Lytes Cary Manor in Somerton. A lovely little house (well ok little in respect to some of the other National Trust properties you can find like Kingston lacey and the such) with some well-presented gardens . Luckily my wife was kind enough to sit with the little one while I sketched this rather nice angle of the building from what I believe is one of the meeting rooms in the manor house, where there was a nice bay window and bench framed by several bushes.

Again this was done with my trusty fineliners like yesterday’s and again I’m really happy with the outcome. Perspective is a lot better in this one though the values aren’t pushed as much. and I still wish there was some way that I could do a believable sky. Still though I do really like the outcome of this one and loved the fact that I was able to do it on site rather than from a photo.

Anyway, no idea what we’ll have tomorrow. I did take quite a few photos today so I’ve got stuff to work from just got to choose soemthing.

Till then!


Day 336: Stoke-Sub-Hamdon Priory

Day 336: Stock-Sub-Handom Priory

So, on the way to Street the other day we may have got a bit lost and instead ended up driving through a tonne of small Somerset villages all with some really lovely architecture and using the same colour stone (a sandy colour). As such I decided to draw the Priory at Stoke-Sub-Hamdon.


Quite a nice looking building (though I haven’t actually visited I just couldn’t find a decent image of a row of the houses we passed. This was in the same style of stone though).

Done in the same style as the last sketch that I uploaded  with the emphasis on the line and texture and some small areas of shading. This one doesn’t have as much contrast in it as the last one though and I think I could probably do with some sort of shading in the sky to differentiate it but other than that I really like the outcome, it’s definitely a much cleaner style than what I usually use and a style I’m really enjoying.

Anyway, I have another sketch to upload for today so will be back in a minute with that.

Till then!