Day 372: Slovenian​ Church

Day 372: Slovenian Church


Firstly sorry I didn’t get this uploaded yesterday, I wanted to take the picture in daylight rather than using artificial light as they come out a lot better. I also didn’t get a picture of the local church again as I said I would so instead did a drawing of this church from Slovenia. Picked at Random I just liked the simplicity of the church and the wall in the foreground.

I like how it came out too with the perspective being quite nice in this one. I also seems to be going through a phase of adding a border around my sketches. Not really that sure why I’ve chosen to do this but I saw this guy do it in one of my favourite sketchbook videos on youtube and I think it got a bit lodged in my brain  (video was a moleskin one by Nicholas Wiesse).

Anyway, I’m stilla  day behind with uploading as I want to get a good photo tomorrow with today’s sketch as well so will upload it when its light. I’ve also no idea what I’ll draw tomorrow so we’ll have to wait and see.

Till then!