Day 267: Orava Castle – Slovakia

Day 267: Orava Castle – Slovakia

So for yesterdays sketch I found a rather stunning looking castle on Google, with a  beautiful view of it from afar, showing the lovely wooded hills behind it as well as the striking Orava castle itself.


As you can see the castle itself sits on the side of this rather large and imposing rock, literally built into it and down the side, somewhere I would imagine that is rather easy to defend and really photogenic.

I also really liked how the sketch came out and it was another fast one with most of the castle drawn out in about 15 mins or so which is a lot faster work pace than normal fro me. The tree lines took a little longer and as you can see from bits of the foreground I’m still struggling to get them to look like individual trees though I’m trying different ways to suggest this. I just need to find something that actually works well.

i think a little less contrast between the tree lines would have been a bit better but nevermind I still like it.

Anyway I have today’s sketch to upload in a minute so that I’m finally all caught up again so as usual…

Till tomorrow (or hopefully within the next 5 minutes and therefore today!).