Day 443: Sidmouth Church Tower

Day 443: Sidmouth church tower


Right, now amazingly I’ve actually managed to get this one uploaded on the same day that I actually sketched it (though let’s not get used to it too much). Just a simple little sketch of the church tower in Sidmouth that I took a photo of several months ago. Quite a fast sketch but one that I like for the amount of time it took.

Weirdly though, the bottom half of the sketch look like a fairly different style than the top of but there you go. Anyway I have to go to work so I’ll see you all tomorrow with another sketch (hopefully).

Till then!


Day 403: Thatched by night

Day 403: Thatched by night


Source: Personal Photo

So, last Saturday was Sidmouth Carnival night so my and my parents took the little one to see it. Naturally, these carnivals are done at night so photo ops are a bit limited but I did get this one of this lovely thatched old style Bed and breakfast that we passed on the way down into town. I thought it would make an interesting and challenging sketch as I;ve never tried to do a night time sketch before with spot lighting.

Not sure if it turned out as well as I wanted, though. The sketch itself I was really happy with as the building was pretty accurate to the source photo but I’m not sure I pushed the dark bits of the image far enough at all. I mean you can see where the spot lights are but I could probably have done with pushing the darkness a bit.

Still, I’ll have to try another of these night time sketches again and push the darkness a bit more. That’ll have to wait though as I’ve already done the next couple of sketches that I need to upload.

Till then!

Day 391: Another building from Sidmouth

Day 391: Another building from Sidmouth


Source: Personal photo

So yesterday I decided to attempt to sketch a building that I’d been putting off for a  while due to how intricate and detailed it looked (thinking about it, though, given that these are just sketches I should have just gone for it but nevermind, I’ve done that now). I’ve no idea what these buildings are actually used for (I think one may have been a cafe) but it’s located in Sidmouth next to the church and was definitely an interesting looking building with its many dormers and bay windows.

Anyway, the sketch came out a lot better than I thought it would and looks like the reference so I’m happy with it. I really can’t decide what I enjoy sketching most though as I think I’m more drawn to buildings than nature but I really like sketching trees and landscapes so I’m not sure.

I would like to choose a focus area, though, at least for a while to try nd push a subject but as I said I can’t really decide on which, not that this really has a bearing on the blog, I just apparently like going off on a  random tangent

And, on that note, we’ll move onto today’s sketch and actually finally catch up with the blog!

Till then!

Day 387: Barbers in Sidmouth

Day 387: Barbers in Sidmouth


Source: Personal photo

So, the other day we went into Sidmouth for no real reason other than to attmept to find a birthday present. Unfourtunately we didn’t actually find anything there, though we did find a awesome coffee house (Coffee #1) and I managed to take some photos to sketch, one of which is the one above of a random small barbers on the highstreet. This building stood out to me quite a bit though there wasn’t anything all that remarkable about it other than maybe the thatched roof and just that it looked like a old building.

Quite like how the sketch came out too though I think the women out the front may be a bit out of scale but nevermind, it probably wasn’t all that noticable until I pointed it out anyway and I quite like how the inside of the barbers came out.

So thats another one out of the way in my quest to catch up. Got another two to uplaod tonight and then we’ll only be missing todays post which I’ll hopefully uploard with tomorrows.

Day 366: The Fidler, Connaught Gardens, Sidmouth

Day 366: The Fidler, Connaught Gardens, Sidmouth


Just a quick sketch to start year two off today of a statue of a fiddler in Connaught Gardens in Sidmouth. I took the photo a couple of days ago when we popped out to see our sister in law and family for afternoon tea. Quite a funky little statue which has a weird pose that I didn’t quite capture but I still like the outcome of the sketch.

I especially like how I managed to actually make the focus of the sketch pop in this one which I find hard at times though the pedestal at the back is slightly off but still I like the figure.

No idea what I’ll do for tomorrows sketch though I might try and do Jacob’s Ladder from Sidmouth.

Till then!