Day 521: Slums of Shaolin

Day 521: Slums of Shaolin


Reference image: can’t find the actual image but it was definitely from this site

So, another architecture one today showing some urban decay beginning to happen in these old and slightly run down homes in Shanghai (kind of took the name of the site rather than the actual place as the sketch name so oppps to that).. Really liked the random look of all the houses in this with the carried roofline heights and the random adornments. Looks like one of them interesting places you would never see unless you got lost in the city.

Again I think this shows more control over the brush pen, especially where the thin lines are concerned and getting a consistent line. Quite happy with how the details in this one came out as well, just overall a nice sketch which I think shows the scene well.

Anyway I hope you like these two posts. Were slowly catching back up now (I’ve currently just finished day 527 so were not that far behind). Probably all for today though as I have work in a bit and won’t get back till late so will see you all tomorrow!

Till then!