Day 885: New tramway Terminal Part 2

Day 885: New tramway Terminal Part 2


Reference image: Personnal photo

Time taken: 30 minutes

Bit of a shorter sketch today of the second image that I’ve taken of the construction of the new local tram terminal in Seaton, Devon. Definitely different to the old one that stood here thats for sure, even from the bare skeleton that it is now. (I think I have some sketches which show the tramway station if only partly somewhere at the beginning of the blog).

Bit of a more basic stippled sketch here though, with it basically being just a skeleton but I think you can still see what it’s menat to be so I’m happy.

Till next time!


Day 779: New Tram Terminal Construction: Part 1

Day 779: New Tram Terminal Construction: Part 1


Reference photo: Personal Photo

Time taken: 15 minutes

So another quick sketch for today, showing some more redevelopment going on, this time the destruction of the old Tram station (can be seen here Day 224: Seaton Tramway Station – Seaton) to replace it with a more modern looking structure. Anyway I thought, seeing as I like sketching construction stuff, I would document this one as well as the Premier Inn starting with this pile driving machine that dwarfs pretty much everything else on the site. As I said above, nice a quick but got the job done!

Till next time!