Day 652: Seaton Premier Inn Construction Part 1

Day 652: Seaton Premier Inn Construction Part 1


Reference image: Personal photo

Time taken: 25 minutes

So, decided that it would be a bit of an interesting project to sketch the construction of a hotel in my local town, seeing as its right next tot he main road through town and easy to take photos of and, well its at the beginning of its construction. Plus I like construction stuff and watching things being built.

As I said though, its the very start of the project (having just put the support pylons or something in, I have no idea when it comes to construction) so the sketch is a bit empty but it has some nice machinery at work in it. Realised I’d made the sketch a bit busy as well so made sure that I outlined the subjects of the sketches so we can actually make them out which worked quite nicely.

Now we just need to wait till there’s some sort of actual progress to get the next sketch done!

Till next time!

Day 431: Under Construction

Day 431: Under Construction


Just decided to do a simple sketch today of the nearby housing development opposite the newish Tesco’s. Not exactly an overly detailed sketch but I think it came out quite nicely and was quite fun to do and I’m quite liking how the shadows came out . I’ve also gone back to using biro in areas and for the initial sketch as I like it as an alternative to pencil.

So yer, it was nice to have a sketch that wasn’t another spaceship though I might try and get back to them tomorrow, we’ll see.

Till then!

Day 398: Seaton Row Houses

Day 398: Seaton Row Houses


Source: Personal photo

So, for day 398, I decided to sketch a photo of some row houses on a hill in Seaton (though I think with the amount of time I spent on it, a detailed drawing would be more appropriate). Nothing really special about the row houses I just liked how they look and saw an opportunity for a sketch.

Definitely gone with more of an illustrative style in this as well and I’ve managed to elongate them all vertically, though, as I’ve done this consistently across the drawing I don’t think it makes them look odd. As stated above as well I got a bit carried away and ended up spending a lot longer than I should have done on this but I really don’t mind as I really loved the drawing and had a lot of fun with it.

Anyway I have to head off to work (I love 6am starts) so will have to get yesterday’s sketch uploaded later on today (hopefully along with today’s). In the meantime I hope you all like the sketch as much as I do.

Till then!


Day 392: Old Woolworths site – Seaton

Day 392: Old Woolworths site – Seaton


Source: Personal photo 

So, this was today’s sketch meaning that we’re finally all caught up. The sketch itself is a local building in Seaton that used to be a Woolworths (then briefly tried to its hand as a Carpet Right) right up until they announced the closure of their stores. Since then it’s stood empty (with exception to the Carpet Right phase) and there has been a number of rumours that have come and gone about what is to be done about it. Anyway, recently there has been a bit of an influx of interest in the town with the redevelopment of the old nightclub and the housing estate being built up around the large Tesco’s so maybe, we might actually see it redeveloped into something nice. As such I thought it would be a good idea to sketch it as it is now as I have a soft spot for old neglected buildings and this one has been on my doorstep for so long it would be silly of me to not sketch it

I’m also rather glad I did as I would say this has  got to be my best sketch in a long time (though it does look better in real life in my opinion) as I’m really happy with the proportions, perspective and representation of the subject, especially the windows. It’s also the first time I’ve done a road which looks like an actual road rather than some awkward attempt at it.

Anyway, I really hope you all like this sketch as much as me and are as glad as I am that we’re finally caught up and back on track. Let’s hope I can keep it that way, starting tomorrow!

Till then!

Day 380: High and Dry!

Day 380: High and Dry!


Source: Personnal Photo (apolgies for the colour I had to take this using artificial light)

So, for day 380 we have a sketch from a photo I took in Seaton of the harbour area and some boats lined up at the edge. Quite liked it because of the composition of the line of boats with the larger one forming a focal point.

I do think, looking at the image, that the first boat that you can see looks the best and I’m really happy with the fabric on it. As you can probably tell in places, I’ve been using pencil to do a quick undersketch for the last week or two of sketching. Weirdly enough though, I’ve not had a pencil sketch that has turned out to be the correct size as the finished drawing, they always seem to be too tall.

Not that this matters but oh well, random bits are fun. Anyway, I have one more to go up before I get some sleep so I’ll be back in a min again.

Till then!


Day 314: Insect Homes, Seaton Jurassic,

Day 314: Insect Homes, Seaton Jurassic,

So, for yesterday’s sketch, we have another look at a bit of the Seaton Jurassic, this time of the insect homes, contained in the garden outside of the exhibit building.


As you can see these are the usual insect homes that you can find all over the place with sticks and bit of twigs and just things with holes in them stuffed into a post or tree trunk to provide sheltered areas for insects. I liked the photo because fo the composition of the 4 posts forming the homes, with the nature juxtapositioned against the angular and modern building behind it.

As for the actual outcome of the sketch, I really liked it. I managed to achieve quite a nice definition on the subject of the sketch and although I didn’t manage to push the values all that much I think the difference in the values of the main subject and the background  are enough to make the sketch work (which I suppose means that the last statement was redundant but nevermind we’ll just move on).

Anyway, there’s not all that much else to say about the sketch though I do quite like the flowers framing the right side of the sketch (though they are foxgloves which as you know from a couple of days ago I’m partial too). so I’ll leave you all for today and get that uploaded tomorrow.

Till then!

Day 254: St Augustine Catholic Church – Seaton

Day 254: St Augustine Catholic Church – Seaton

Just another one of the several churches that can be found in Seaton today, from a photo I took on my way home from work.


No special reason as to why I wanted to draw this church, just that I liked the look of it sitting next to what I presume (based on the very similar architectural styles) is the Catholic equivalent of a vicarage. These striking red buildings stand out quite well amongst the other houses around it though isn’t so stand out that it seems ugly.

Other than that theres not much else to say about the buildings. The drawing turned out well though the colours are a bit strong and the pillars on the side of the church aren’t entirely accurate but nevermind it didn’t come out badly.

Anyway I have another sketch from today to upload in a few minutes so I’ll leave it here and  be back in a few.

Till tomorrow (or once again, a few minutes)!


Day 232: Seaton Tram Depot – Seaton

Day 232: Seaton Tram Depot – Seaton

Another apology for being a day late. Anyway as I said I would yesterday day 232’s sketch is of the Seaton Tram Depot.


Located on the edge of town alongside the river  behind the site of the old Racal factory (which, fingers crossed will soon be a hotel and some apartments), this depot is located on the site of the old railway station. This houses all the trams when not in use, the offices for the tramway and the maintenance facilities in what is my opinion a really nice brick shed.

As for the drawing again I’m happy with it and glad that I managed to finish the tramway drawings with a nice drawing. The colours are a bit off to the real ones but oh well, they’re just a bit more saturated rather than completely different.

Anyway I need to head off to work so I’ll leave you till later when I’ll hopefully have today’s sketch.

Till tomorrow! (or hopefully later)

Day 228: Axmouth Harbour Boats – Seaton

Day 228: Axmouth Harbour Boats – Seaton

So today I wanted to try and get a subject that I’d struggled with before now and that’s boats on the water. As such I thought we’d do another view of the Axmouth Harbour, this time from the Seaton side looking at the boats.


Really happy with how this came out as well, the reflections were a lot more successful than I thought they’d turn out to be and the actual ships look correctly proportioned and actually like boats.

Like yesterdays I’m also really happy with the colours in this one as well and the pen for shading seems to have turned out quite nicely in the sketch.

Oretty sure this might be the last sketch that I do from Seaton as there’s not much more of note in the town. Not sure what I’ll be sketching tomorrow so we’ll have to wait and see. So as usual……

Till tomorrow!