Day 843: St Andrews Cathedral Ruins

Day 843: St Andrews Cathedral Ruins


Reference image: pinterest linkie!

Time taken: 20 minutes

So, just another quick write up for this one, with the ruins of St Andrews Cathedral showing what I assume was one of the towers of the Cathedral. Love the rather precarious look of the tower as it looks like its goignt o collapse at any point and I loved the arches in the windows so decided to make this quick, fun little sketch of it!

Till next time!


502: Rumbling Bridge, Perth and Kinross

502: Rumbling Bridge, Perth and Kinross


Reference image: So again either I did this off my phone or have just lost the tab that I used so sorry for that. I should really start bookmarking them when I do it on the computer.

Right, so in the interest of at least getting one post a day until we get caught up here’s one of a random bridge in Scotland where I wanted to try and see if I could get contrast into an image where the reference didn’t really have that much in it in the first place.

Not sure if this one came out as well as the previous ones have. Although it is obvious that it’s a bridge (or at least I hope it is) I don’t think I got the contrast into that I had hoped that I would when I choose the image. I do like the water though which came out quite well despite just being a load of horizontal lines.

Anyway that was day 502’s sketch which means that at least I’ve not added to the amount of posts I’ve got left before I can catch up so that’s a good thing. Hopefully I can get more than one uploaded tomorrow and then we may actually be on our way to catching up.

Till then!

Day 161: Eilean Donan Castle, Scotland

Day 161: Eilean Donan Castle, Scotland

So for day 161 I did a random castle that can be found in Scotland. Located pretty nicely on this island in Loch Duich (I decided to actually do a bit of research for the write up of this one). A 13th century castle that I think i read has been used in a James Bond film. Anyway I thought it looked cool so decided to sketch it.


Now I really like how this turned out. Sure the colours that I’ve used in the sketch look a lot more brighter than the reference photo but nevermind, it makes it looks more cheerful (or at least that’s what I’m sticking with). I also like that I’m getting a good consistent water effect that actually looks realistic in my latest sketches (that contain water obviously).

As for the line work its getting a lot easier to lay it down quickly which is nice. It seems that my mind is getting a lot more sure of where a line is meant to go without me having to think about it for several minutes at a time.

Anyway I have today’s (or technically yesterdays) sketch to upload to completely catch us up so I’ll be back a in a few with that one.

Till tomorrow! (you know the drill by now)

Day 259: Tower Home – Scotland

Day 259: Tower Home – Scotland

Another one that’s a bit random today with us staying in Scotland, this time looking at a lovely looking Tower Home that I found on pintrest.


Now theres probably one fairly obvious thing about the drawing that you may have noticed is slightly different to my recent ones and that’s the lack of colour. Funnily enough I fully intended to add colour to the drawing right up until I’d almost finished the basic pen work,when, I then got a bit carried away with adding shading to the trees behind the house and just decided to keep it as a black and white tonal study type thing. It was also done a lot faster than my normal ones (probably down to the lack of colour thinking about it.

I was also really happy with how the sky and the water worked and actually looked like sky and water which is something I have yet to have been able to achieve with just pen work. Sure its not perfect but its definitely better than last time.

Anyway as for the actual building I have no idea what its actually called or any of it back story as the pin was just called Tower House in Scotland. It sure looks pretty picturesque though. As usual I’ve no idea what I’m going to draw for tomorrow but I’m sure I’ll find something. So, as usual, I’ll leave you with the sketch and…..

Till tomorrow!

Day 258: McCaig’s Tower, Oban, UK

Day 258: McCaig’s Tower, Oban, UK

Bit of another random one today as I decided to return to looking at another Folly, in this case a Colosseum shaped on above the town of Oban in Scotland.


No idea why someone decided to build a huge Colosseum type structure above a small Scottish town but nevermind, it makes for a interesting if slightly odd sketch.

I also tried to concentrate on getting some depths into the in the tree lines with the coloured pencils, mixing in colours other than greens. Not sure if it was the best way of doing it but I quite like the results. They do a little bit washed out though so that’s a bit annoying. Will have to experiment a bit more and see if I can get some more vibrant tree lines in the future (though having said all of that, it may just be the photo as the actual sketch seems a bit more bright and vibrant.

Anyway other than that I enjoyed the sketch, which, despite having a quite a lot of detail in it in the form of the buildings in the foreground didn’t take all that long to actually draw.

Anyway that’s all for today and no were all caught up again which is nice. Again I’m not sure what I’m going to be drawing tomorrow but no doubt it’ll b building related. Please also feel free to drop me some suggestions to interesting building you’d like to see me sketch if you have any and as usual…..

Till tomorrow!