Day 253: The Charles Bridge – Prague

Day 253: The Charles Bridge Prague

So, while trying to find something interesting to draw for today’s sketch my wife suggested I drew something from Prague and a quick search brought up this lovely image of The Charles Bridge, probably the cities most iconic landmark (or at least 1 of the top 3).


Really happy with how this came out though I think some of the happiness may have been down to what Prague means to us. Being the first place that me and my wife went abroad together and that it was our honeymoon meant that I’ll always have a fondness for this city. It does also help that the city is really pretty as well with a large number of old buildings and a whole load of churches and spires.

This bridge above was used a lot in our honeymoon on account of us being on the old town side of the river and therefore, we had to cross it several times a day to get into the actual main part of the city itself. Along it there were always a tonne of artists and performers which inspired me with their lovely work and the views form the bridge, both up and down the river as well as all the architecture around it were always lovely.

Seeing the boat in the picture kind of makes me wish that we’d found a boat ride while there as I would imagine that it would have been a lovely take on the city but hey, we hope to go back someday so we can always do it then.

Anyway, that’s all for today’s sketch. I might try and stay in Prague tomorrow and draw some of the other places that we visited but who knows. So, as usual….

Till tomorrow!