Day 815: Warsaw Panorama

Day 815: Warsaw Panorama


Reference image: wiki link

Time taken: 25 minutes

So, something a bit different for yesterday with this panoramic view of Warsaw for the daily sketch. Really didn’t try and be overly accurate with this one either to be honest, just kind of throwing the lines down in the vague hope that they would actually make some sort of readable cityscape and it seems to have worked in most of the sketch. It was also pretty fun to do so I will try and get more of these into the blog from now on (I emphasise on the try, I’ll probably forget tomorrow).

Till next time!


Day 815: Carmelite Church, Warsaw

Day 815: Carmelite Church, Warsaw


Reference image: wiki link

Time taken: 23 minutes

So, this was a relatively quick sketch that I got done before I headed off to work yesterday of a church in Warsaw with some rather grand and detailed facades on it. Loved the columns and the shadows that they were casting on the walls behind it as well as the black spot points on it. Quite happy and suprised with how much I managed to get down for it only taking just over 20 minutes but I was listening to a art vlog and it obviously helped to focus me (or I just didn’t spend loads of time in between getting distracted by stuff, which is probably more likely).

Till next time!

Day 812: Winalow Palace, Warsaw

Day 812: Winalow Palace, Warsaw


Reference image: wiki link

Time taken: 35 minutes

So, this was a bit of a panoramic sketch for day 812 of the royal Polish palace of Winalow. One of the few buildings to actually have survived all wars complete and as such, a rather big part of Polands history. Not that this made me draw it, I just really liked the grand sweeping look of it and the details that were found throughout the building and wanted to see if I could get them down on a small scale in a reasonable amount of time.

Till next time!