Day 281: The Treasury at Petra, Jordan

Day 281: The Treasury at Petra, Jordan

So yesterdays sketch took us to Jordan where we visited the rather unique ancient city of Petra. Quite literally built into the cliffs in canyons in Jordan, I had no idea this place existed until I found it the 7 Wonders game but it looked interesting so I decided to sketch a building from it in the form of the treasury.


Quite like the outcome as well though it is a bit taller and thinner than the actual building but given how quickly I was trying to get it sketched the actual finished lines are a lot cleaner than I thought they would be.

The details haven’t been lost either which is another bonus as I thought they would go to with the messy lines I was putting down. Having said that though, it was quite hard to actually make out what half the details are as the carvings are generally quite warn down.

Anyway that’s it for yesterdays sketch and our first look at Petra. I’m pretty sure theres a number of different intact buildings there so we may return in the future to it. For now though I have today’s sketch to upload so I’ll see you in a few minutes hopefully.

Till then!