Day 260: Newton Building – Nottingham

Day 260: Newton Building – Nottingham

Sorry for being several days late with uploading these guys and girls. Been hit with a fairly bad cold and that coupled with a work and fatherhood has taken its toll on me. Luckily though I managed to get the actual drawings done just not managed to upload them, so before I’m dragged off to look at sofa’s here’s day 260’s sketch of the Newton Building in Nottingham (I think its part of a university campus or something).


Quite like how this turned out. The colours are definitely a bit washed out when compared to the actual sketch so sorry about that. The actual choice of building was purely because of how simple it looked to draw and how it contrasted well with the brown building next to it.

I actually really like how it came out as well though I think the scale of the people are a bit off (though given that their all in proportion to each other it seems to have this weird affect of working anyway).

Anyway my wife’s going on about sofas so its time to leave you with this entry and go out. I’ll hopefully have both yesterdays and today’s sketches uploaded by the end of today so, as usual….

Till tomorrow! (or later today)