Day 561: More Norfolk Broads

Day 561: More Norfolk Broads


Reference image: pinterest linkie!

So, were still on the broads for day 361 with more brush pen work this time looking at some moored boats and a windmill. Still liking these Norfolk sketches with the brush pen with the reflections in the water and the buildings and landscapes in the background. I especially quite like the boat in the foreground of this one.

Anyway that’s all for day 361. Unfortunately I’m still a couple  of days behind but I’m sure we’ll catch up soon enough!

Till then!


Day 560: Norfolk Broads Wherry

Day 560: Norfolk Broads Wherry


Reference image: Pinterest linkie!

So another boat again for today this time a Where from the Norfolk Broads (apparently the Wherry is long flat sail boat used to transport goods or passengers, usually on the River Thames or the Broads). Quite a nice little photo what with the windmill and the house in the background and the boat in the foreground. Again I choose the Brush pen for time reasons and again I’m glad I did. Like yesterdays I’m actually quite happy with how it cam out especially the boat in this one.

So that was the last couple of days sketches. Not sure what I’ll be sketching tomorrow or in what medium so we’ll just have to wait and see!

Till then!

Day 559: Norfolk Broads

Day 559: Norfolk Broads


Reference image: Pinterest linkie!

Decided to get at least one fo the two outstanding blog posts that I have uploaded tonight so here is yesterdays sketch of some boats on the Norfolk Broads, here in the UK. Quite a nice little scene that looked really relaxing. Chose to do it in brush pen in the end as I wanted to get it done quite quickly as it was while I was looking after the little one as well and quite glad I did choose to do it in that medium as well as I think it came out pretty nicely, especially the contrast in the water and the foliage behind it. I also really like how the lighter bush on the left hand side of the sketch came out as I was worried it would just blend into the background foliage rather than stand out as middle ground.

Well that was a quicker post than I thought so I’ll get the next one done as well. See you in a minute.

Till then!