Day 533: Bannack Montana

Day 532: Bannack Montana


Reference image: pinterest linkie!

So, as hinted at in the previous blog I went back to using fine liners for this sketch of a old gold rush town in Montana, USA¬†and choose what thought would be a relatively easy subject to try and get used to them again. Turns out I may have been a bit wrong with r relatively easy subject as this didn’t really go as well as I would have liked with the lines a lot heavier than I intended or wanted them to be.

There are bits that I really like though such as the fence and the bush on the left hand side and the subjects aren’t all that bad just a bit to emphasised in the way that I didn’t mean them to be. Still practise makes perfect right.

So, I think I may take a breather for a hour or so and then commence the blogging again as 4 in a row has made my brain wander a bit.

Till then!