Day 550: Coram Tower, Lyme Regis

Day 550: Coram Tower, Lyme Regis


Refrence image: Personnal photo

So, managed to get a bit more of a detailed sketch done yesterday as opposed to the beach huts the day before. This tower is located opposite the first big car park that you come to as you head down the hill into Lyme (I’ve forgotten the name). A building that I’ve always found interesting I got some photos of it when I was getting my hair cut and decided to sketch one of them.

Really like the sketch actually, though it was one of them ones where I didn’t think it was going to work while I was actually sketching it. Kind of makes me want to do a larger version of it t I may save that for a actual drawing rather than a sketch, we’ll have to see.

Anyway, that’s all for yesterdays one. I may even have time to get todays uploaded and get us caught back up again as I seem to have had a bit of free time today despite what I said in the blog yesterday.

Till then!


Day 549: Beach Hut

Day 549: Beach Hut


Reference image: personal image

So, didn’t have a lot of time again on Saturdays as my wife was ill and I had to look after the little one before I went to work in the afternoon so choose to sketch these beach huts from a photo in Lyme (its actually the bottom half of yesterdays sketch). Quite a simple sketch though as fun trying to get the pavement to look reflective as it had been raining that day. Not to happy with how dark it is in places but still, not a bad little sketch and the subject is hopefully fairly obvious.

So, we’ll still be in Lyme again for yesterdays sketch which, in the interest of not falling behind with these uploads I’ll try and get up later this afternoon (its also a more interesting sketch than beach huts, I promise!)

Till then!



Day 548: Modern and Sparse

Day 548: Modern and Sparse


Reference image: personal photo

So, the other day (two days ago in fact) I came the realisation that these daily sketches and my need to produce what is probably closer to a finished piece rather than a sketch was beginning to get a bit stressful for me and therefore was affecting my enjoyment of it. It was also beginning to eat into my family time too much and was beginning to become too much. As such I’ve decided to be a bit more easy going with the sketches and have decided that the best way of doing this is to choose a feature of a image that I like and start the sketch there, aiming to get as much done in the time that I have free during the day without having to make time for it.

Above is the result of me choosing to try this new way of sketching without worrying too much about finishing it (as you can probably tell). The actual photo itself is of a rather modern looking restaurant along the beach at Lyme although I’m not really sure what focus f this one was though, having said that though, given that I decided I wanted to change the way that I did these half way through the actual sketch this could be why there isn’t a particular focus in this one

What it does show however, is that I have a rather scattered approach to drawing in that I’ll work on certain areas at random and often switch to another area before coming back to finish the first one off.

So, that is the plan from now on, though hopefully the results will be  bit better than this day’s one though, we’ll have to see

Till then!


Day 546: No fishing today

Day 546: No fishing today 


Reference image: Personal photo taken today

So, in an effort to not fall behind again immediately here’s todays sketch. I’m afraid it’s also got the weird lighting in the picture as well. I’m also afraid that I don’t have an actual tanned sketchbook but nevermind let’s get on with the sketch.

Drawn from an image that I took in Lyme Regis today while waiting fur the hairdressers to calm don a bit, this was a boat that I just really like the look of and had to photograph and sketch (probably should try and remember to take my small sketchbook with me in the future as well as I coud have killed some time with that while waiting.

anyway, as for the sketch,  I choose to stipple it again, with a bit of hatching thrown in for good measure, which despite being pretty time-consuming was a lot of fun and pretty relaxing. I also really liked how it came out which is a bonus. True I managed to squash the boat a bit but I’m not sure it’s all that noticeable or anyone will actually care so I’m not going to worry about it and will just enjoy the sketch instead.

This sketch also marks the end of what I think is my eleventh sketchbook so might get something a bit random tomorrow (though I’m not feeling portraiture at the moment so I don’t think it’ll be a portrait or anything and will probably still be on the buildings but we’ll have to see)

Till then!

Day 446: Lyme Regis Promenade

Day 446: Lyme Regis Promenade


So the other day we spent some time in Lyme Regis and I took the chance to take some photos to use as reference for sketches including this one of a nice beachside house including the iconic fossil style lights in Lyme Regis. Really liked the houses across the front as there all pretty unique and liked the outcome of the sketch  with the composition of the promenade railings and the central light. The figures are also a nice bit that gives some perspective to the sketch which I don’t usually have.

Anyway lets get on with posting blog posts as I have two more to go to get us up to date so I’ll see you in a minute!

Till then!

Day 236: The Guildhall – Lyme Regis

Day 236: The Guildhall – Lyme Regis

So, were in Lyme Regis again for today’s sketch with its rather interesting looking Guildhall building.


Located at the bottom of the hill that the popular tourist town sits on this place is used for small marriages and civil partnerships and dates back to 16th century.

As for the sketch I’m actually pretty happy with how it came out. The angle was pretty hard as its built on the side of a steep hill and I think I may have skewed it a little bit despite my best attempts .

Sorry there’s not really any more to this sketch for today but I’m a bit tired and can’t really think of anything else to add so as usual….

Till tomorrow!


Day 235: The end of the Cobb – Lyme Regis

Day 235: The end of the Cobb – Lyme Regis

So apologies again for not getting this uploaded yesterday but I ran out of time. Anyway here we have the Marine Aquarium at the end of the Cobb in Lyme Regis.


This building is located at the end of the famous pier in Lyme Regis, the Cobb where a number of films have been produced.

Not the most successful of drawings as I was meant to include the boat that’s off to the side in it but at least I got all the main subject in the actual sketch. Not sure the colours really work in it but oh well it looked better than when it was just black and white.

Anyway I have another sketch to upload in a couple of minutes so I’ll leave this one here and see you all in a few!

Till tomorrow (in a minute)