Day 1009: Emerging

Day 1009: Emerging 


Reference image: pinterest link!

Found this really nice image for day 1009 of a tube train emerging from one of the many tunnels that make up the network. Love how tight a fit the tunnel is and can only assume that either they didn’t have such stringent health and safety measures back then or the trains have grown over time. Either way if it made a lovely looking and fun sketch which came out well (interestingly enough my favourite part I think is the cabling down the side of the tunnel).

Till next time!


Day 1003: Old and New

Day 1003: Old and New


Reference image: pinterest link!

More trains this time with a  side by side comparison of some old and some newer London underground stock (old on the right and new on the left). Love the size different between the two of them hence the choice of subject for the sketch. Also liked how it came out despite it looking a bit faded in places.

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Day 982: Waiting at St Pancras (Pre Eurostar)

Day 982: Waiting at St Pancras (Pre Eurostar)


Reference image: I’ve unfortunately forgot to actually save this reference image.

Another sketch of some trains this time several (what I think are Voyagers) Waiting at St Pancras before it became an international station serving Eurostar. Bit of a weird crop on the sketch but I didn’t really know what I wanted to focus on so just cropped it like this and think it came out quite nicely!

Till next time!

Day 981: Canary Wharf Station DLR

Day 981: Canary Wharf Station DLR


Reference image: pinterest link!

So this was an attempt at sketching Canary Wharf station for the DLR (Docklands Light Railway) and one that maybe didn’t turn out as well as the other ones thanks to how busy the thing is and it seems very blurred and doesn’t have all that much definition in it. Still I actually enjoyed doing the sketch and trying to figure out to the best of my ability how I was menat to actually get all the details of the lovely station and photo in!

Till next time!

Day 971: St Pancras Train Shed 1930

Day 971: St Pancras Train Shed 1930


Reference image: pinterest link!

Loved this old photo of what St Pancras station used to look like with all the steam trains waiting at the platforms and the mixture of goods and passenger trains. Also find the old signalling really weird to look at with the Semaphores being wired up to something. Not really all that sure how they work with the wiring but it sort of looks like s hybrid signalling system between the electric and the semaphores. Also enjoyed trying to make the trains look like they are emitting smoke while waiting in the station to be loaded or unloaded which was interesting and I think I pretty much managed to achieve that look.

Till next time!


Day 770: London Architecture 1

Day 770: London Architecture 1


Reference image: Personal Photo

Time taken: 25 minutes

So, this photo was taken a while back when me and the wife were in London for the weekend. It’s of one of the tall office blocks quite close to Harrods and the expensive street where they have a Ferrari as a window display (at least I think that’s where it is). not sure if this is all of the building or only a part of it but there we go, still enjoyed the sketch and the outcome and actually managed to get a accurate amount of floors and windows into it!

Till next time!

Day 698: Chinatown London

Day 698: Chinatown London


Reference image: Personal image

Time taken: 30 minutes

So, this was another one of the photo’s that I took in London of the arch into Chinatown (or the main one off of Leicester Square on the side of the Bubblewrap shop that had ridiculously long queues every time we walked past it lol). Quite an interesting and detailed subject that would probably have been perfect for the new sketchbook sketch instead of the Cathedral door but nevermind. Was pretty fun and relaxing to sketch as well despite how complex it was as I was pretty loose with it and I think that helped overall with the results of the sketch. The angles and getting them correct though was a bit of a challenge but I think I don’t think I did to bad with it!.

Till next time!


Day 687: 107 St, Georges Drive, London (Our Hotel)

Day 687: 107 St, Georges Drive, London (Our Hotel)


Reference image: google streetview

time taken:  30 minutes

So, this was our hotel in London where we spent the night. Pretty basic hotel but then again I didn’t really expect that much given that we had paid £100 for a hotel in the centre of London (well ok about 10 minutes form Waterloo by train). Still it had a comfy bed and a good breakfast so that’s all that mattered and in that regards they did a very good job.

Quite a weird layout mind you as the reception and breakfast room as well as the first couple of rooms were in one townhouse (this one shown in the sketch) and then the rest of the rooms including ours, was in another building several doors down but that was fine.

As for the sketch it was a quick and rather simple affair as the building didn’t really have that many details on it, being one of many townhouses of the same design in the street but I like the outcome and think it represents the subject well which is the main thing!

Till next time!

686: London Architecture Sketch 3

686: London Architecture Sketch 3


Reference image: Personal Photo

Time taken: 35 minutes

So, this is the last of the sketches that I’ve made from photo’s that I took in London (I have a tendency to accidently forget to actually take any photos while on holiday which is a bit annoying). This was a lovely piece of arch work in a random park somewhere in London (yep, I genuinely have no idea where this is. We spent so long wandering around London on Friday that it could have been in a whole load of different places). I did this one a lot quicker than the previous two days and also in .3 nib rather than the usual .1 nib which appears to have given it a cleaner outcome without the thicker line really affecting the quality of it like I worried it would do, instead giving me a fun and quick little sketch of this lovely ornamental archway.

Till next time!