Day 543: Triumphal Arch, Tyre, Lebanon

Day 543: Triumphal Arch, Tyre, Lebanon


Reference link: Pintrest linkie!

So, wanting to get us caught up tonight lets get on with this gain while I have 5 minutes spare. Firstly I want to apologise for how weird the photos of the last 5 days look. I had to take them under a normal bulb and its given the paper this weird aged look (having said that though it’s not a horrendous look and as black doesn’t really change its hue under different light I suppose it doesn’t effect it as much as it would if it was a  colour drawing).I’ll try and get more natural light photo’s in the future.

So, for day 543 we have the Triumphal Arch in Tyre. One of a number of arches that seem to celebrate triumph or victory, this one was chosen mainly due to not having all that much time to actually sketch and therefore needing something that I thought would be quick. This was also my birthday so I was a bit pushed for time anyway.

Turned out it wasn’t all that quick to sketch really as there were a lot more details to it than I first thought. Still I finished it and quite liked the outcome. True, its a bit taller and narrower than the actual arch but it was fun to sketch and what’s a bit of artistic licence now and then?

So two more to go, we may actually get caught up after all!

Till then!