Day 530: Lake Superior Lighthouse

Day 530: Lake Superior Lighthouse


Reference image: pintrest link

Right, time to marathon blog and get us a lot more caught up starting with this quick sketch of a old lighthouse situated on Lake Superior in NA. There’s not really much to say about the choice of subject with this one really, I was looking at lighthouses and thought that this looked different to the ones that you usually see and the one that I sketched a few days earlier.

Pretty happy with the outcome though, really like the water and the treeline behind it despite it just being little black blobs all over the place. I’m definitely happy with how the water actually kind of looks like water rather than just a completely flat surface.

Ironically enough I think the bit of the sketch that I’m least interested in is the subject but there ya go, that’s how the dice fall. Anyway as I said were going for the marathon today so no time to waste, onward to day 331!

Till then!

(PS:. Ignore the day number on the sketch, I accidently numbered this one the same as the day before)