527: Majestic Decay

527: Majestic Decay


Reference image: link to a Kolkata photography blog

So, for day 527 we return to Kolkata where I found this lovely photo of this old and slightly run down ornate building taken from a really nice looming perspective. with its nicely contrasting dark and light areas giving a rather good subject for a brush pen sketch.

Really happy with the outcome as well, and loved that I was able to get so many of the details in and mostly accurately as well. The best part in my opinion is the stair ways which I think were the main focus of the photo and how they stand out so well in sketch.

So, that’s another day done. Sorry I haven’t been brilliant over the last couple of days, We will definitely catch up at some point though!

Till then!


Day 519: Kolkata Villa

Day 519: Kolkata Villa


Reference image: actually found this one for today’s sketch

So, this was the first of the sketches done with new brush pen and a bit of a learning curve over the felt tip one here. Turns out it isn’t actually that easy to get a thin consistent line with it, without any practise. Anyway the subject matter was pretty random, just a funky looking villa in amongst the other houses in Kolkata, India. Thought it was quite detailed but overall a simple shape that would make a good sketch to do to introduce myself to the proper brush pen.

Turns out that although I don’t mind the outcome, it probably would have been a better idea to have started with something a bit more simple than this photo. One of the best things I found though using the brush pen is that its a lot quicker to actually lay down ink using it than the fel.t tip one (and definitely the fine liners) and therefore the sketch was pretty quick. Hopefully I’ll get even quicker with a bit more practise with the pen which will make the daily sketches a bit more easy to get done, but we’ll have to see.

Till then!