Day 640: Knapps Cottages, Kilmington

`Day 640: Knapps Cottages, KilmingtonsketchingdailyDAY640.jpg

Reference image: Personal Photo

Time taken: 35 minutes

So, took this lovely photo of these cottages of the village where my wife grew up and has family, and where I actually lived when I started this blog so has featured before several times. I haven’t (as much as I can remember anyway) ever sketched these lovely cottages before so, while walking past them the other day decided to take a photo and go for it with the sketch. Really glad I did as well as it came out pretty nicely, especially how the sketch seems to focus quite well on the two cottages.

Till next time!


Day 379: Cheesecake in a Jar!

Day 379: Cheesecake in a Jar!


Source: Personnal Photo

So, nearly a week ago now we went out for a meal at the pub in Kilmington (The New Inn)  as a send off to one of my wifes friends who is heading off to uni sometime soon (she may even be there already). Anyway, we had a lovely meal (I had Chilli Con Carne and I think my wife had Sausage and Mash) and for dessert, my wife ordered a cheesecake which came out like this in a jar and was definitely too good an opportunity to photograph and sketch.

Really enjoyed this sketch as well. Getting the shapes of everything down in perspective was a bit tricky but I think i managed it in the end. I think rather weirdly that my favourite part of the actual sketch is the table rather than the subject that i was trying to focus on. I like the shadows and the woodgrain that was on the table and I think the small bunch of redcurrants came out nicely as well.

Anyway, as you all know I have a boat load of sketches to upload to catch us back up so I’ll be back in a few minutes with another one for you all. (I actually will this time, rather than saying I will then falling asleep)

Till then

Day 315:90th Birthday Bench, Kilmington

Day 315:90th Birthday Bench, Kilmington

So for yesterday’s sketch, I decided to draw this new bench that been put in in Kilmington on the green in celebration of the Queens 90th birthday. Not really anything all that different about the bench, I just liked the fact that it was different as the wood wasn’t all straight and uniform but a bit wonky in places, looking a lot more natural (or at least it will do when it gets a bit weather worn).


Really like the outcome of the sketch even if I did have to make some adjustments to it from the under sketch bit which show through in places. I’m particularly happy with the tones in its a bit different to normal  to normal where the subject is usually the darker part of the sketch.

I also really like how the shadows came out as well as they really help to anchor the subject to the surroundings as well as making it look a lot more realistic.

Looking at the last few sketches I’m also just really happy how they seem to have improved quite a lot and the time I’m spending on each one is slowly reducing (which is a bonus as well as Oscar is getting more and more active as he gets older).

Anyway, I have today’s sketch finished so will upload that when I get home from work later so….

Till then!

Day 238: Kilmington Village Hall – Kilmingto

Day 238: Kilmington Village Hall – Kilmington

So I’ve actually managed to get today’s sketch uploaded today which given the last week is a feat It is a bit of a simple sketch though but one that means a lot to me. This is Kilmington Village hall.


As I said a basic and common sight across the UK that has no historic ties or special architectural properties but means a lot to me and my wife as it was where our wedding reception was hosted (best night of my life and all). True it did look a bit different form the outside on the big day but nevermind, this is the building.

I like the sketch too. As I said it was a simple and quick one to do but also one where I think I managed to actually get the perspective down almost spot on. I didn’t even spend much time thinking about the lines that I was making so I’m led to believe that the more I think about things while sketching the more inaccurate they become. No idea if this is actually true but we’ll have to experiment to find out.

Anyway that’s all for today. I’ve no idea what I’m going to sketch tomorrow so we’ll have to see then. So as usual…

Till tomorrow!

Day 229: Kilmington Green – Kilmington

Day 229: Kilmington Green – Kilmington

So today I decided to try and redo a old sketch to see if I’ve improved since the last time I sketched the subject. The angle is a a bit different and this one is in colour but other than that they’re both Kilmington Green, which I did for my day 2 sketch 227 days ago which can be seen here Day 2: Day 2 and I’m already cutting it fine! .


Now although I wouldn’t say there was a hell of a lot of improvement between this one and the day 2 one I would definitely say that I’ve got better at perspective and proportions but I would also say that yesterday and the day before’s sketches were a lot better than this one which is a bit annoying. Maybe its the subject or maybe I’m just a bit stressed out (little one had his first set of vaccinations today which wren’t exactly fun) but  just didn’t really enjoy sketching today.

Still, I suppose it’s going to have its off days and tomorrow is another day so let’s leave this one here.

Till tomorrow!