Day 986: Japanese Metro Train

Day 986: Japanese Metro Train


Reference Image: pinterest link!

Did this sketch of this train while on a bit of a Japanese binge having just watched a fair few of the Japanology series on youtube and found this lovely little photo of a Japanese Metro train to sketch with a nice wall backdrop, liking how it came out!

Till next time!


Day 974: Japanese Station Guard

Day 974: Japanese Station Guard


Reference image: pinterest link!

Loved this image of a station guard in Japan standing waiting for the train to come in. not something you ever see over here in the UK and just thought the actual scene was quite a nice one to sketch.

Till next time!


Day 972: Sneaky Shinkansen

Day 972: Sneaky Shinkansen 


Reference image: pinterest link

So, went on a bit of a Japanology binge on youtube and decided to draw a Shinkansen high speed train for day 972. Found this pretty funny looking image of the huge train poking out from behind a building in the middle of Tokyo (at least I think its Tokyo). Used to seeing the usual metro trains in the urban environment but not these high speed trains so thought it was quite a unique image worth the sketch!

Till next time!

Day 965: Yamanashi Broadcasting and Press Centre in Kofu, Japan

Day 965: Yamanashi Broadcasting and Press Centre in Kofu, Japan


Reference image: pinterest link!

More practical over aesthetic architecture with this huge news building in Japan. Loved how imposing the building looked and how it looked like a mutli storey carpark rather than anything else despite obviously not being one (well I suppose some of it might be). Also loved how the top of the building almost looks like its a fortress or castle with the towers and am happy with how the sketch came out!

Till next time!

Day 865: Primeval Forest, Shirutani Unsuikyo, Japan

Day 865: Primeval Forest, Shirutani Unsuikyo, Japan


Reference image: pinterest link

Time taken: 35 minutes

Really;y liked the image of this scene of a small plank bridge, seen through this tree with the contrast of the heavily shaded and dark tree and the much lighter scene of the bridge in the middle. Think I managed to capture it close enough though the two parts do look a bit juxapositioned in the sketch above (I think that makes sense) and slightly jarring but nevermind, I like it anyway!

Till next time!

Day 266: Kaneyama Castle, Marugame – Japan

Day 266: Kaneyama Castle, Marugame – Japan

Still playing catch up but with the days unfortunately but I have a bit of time before I head off to bed to get yesterdays uploaded and then tomorrow hopefully I’ll be able to get today’s and tomorrows uploaded and we’ll be all caught up again.

Anyway for day 266 I drew Kaneyama Castle, another Japanese castle which I think is in the same town as the previous one but as far as I can tell its not part of the same castle.


Again I feel like I struggled with this. I think it may be to do with the shapes of the Japanese buildings messing with my attempts at perspective and all, in particular the curved roofs. However as they say, practise makes perfect so I’ll keep at it till I can get it right (not day after day though as that may get a bit boring don’t worry.)

The actual sketch itself does look a bit cartoonish with the colours but at least it defines the different parts of the building and it is rather recognisable as a Japanese Castle which is always good.

Anyway that’s all for yesterdays sketch so hopefully I’ll get us caught up so as usual…

Till tomorrow!

Day 263: Marugame Castle, Kagawa – Japan

Day 253: Marugame Castle, Kagawa – Japan

So, for the first time in like a week I’ve actually managed to get the drawing uploaded on the seam day that its been drawn on (only just though). Today’s drawing being that of the Japanese Marugame Castle in Kagawa.


Not my favourite drawing however, The building was a bit awkward to draw and the colours came out pretty dull (didn’t really help that the camera dulled them down a lot more so sorry about that). Still theres definitely bits I quite like about the drawing, the trees in particular even if it is hard to make out the cherry blossom trees (at least I think there Cherry blossom?).

The building also wasn’t that bad though the bottom level does look a bit awkward. Still its a drawing that I’ve learned from especially in the foliage area which is the main point of the sketching anyway so that’s all good.

I think I’d like to draw some more Asian buildings like this in the future. Whether its the old pagoda style buildings or their new high rises the whole closed in feel of the architecture intrigues me so I’ll add it to the list of things that I want to continue to draw in the future (though, with the length its getting I’m not sure there’s much point in having a list).

Anyway that’s all for today so, for the first time in ages, I can actually say….

Till tomorrow!